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New for 2020, small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs can become clients of Awin Access and benefit from immediate access to Awin's 200,000 vetted publishers.159 businesses in the UK were included in Awin's successful pilot operation which commenced in March 2019 and Awin are now looking to extend this model to other countries. Their services are offered to this huge market place of smaller businesses with minimal outlay, simple integration, reduced commitment, no setup costs and offering
March 02, 2019
Google has launched a new top level domain extension .dev. From 28th February 2019 you can purchase .dev (development) domains at more or less the same price as a .com.This gives a wonderful opportunity to pick up a top level domain that has not previously been available in .com, .net or .org.For example I have just purchased, get in quick as I can see some value for the future.
Hi everyone, I am Colin and have seen WA add so many tremendous improvements to their site over the past couple of years. It is my belief that everyone will be building websites in the future and we are way ahead of the crowd here at WA.Everyone building websites is not as easy as it sounds. In my location we have had two businesses who set up building cheap websites, now out of business. One of those was set up by a gent just left Uni and started building sites. Unfortunately, due to the lack
October 27, 2016
A recent article claimed that millions more will be becoming self employed, stating that by the year 2020 40% of the working age population of the USA will be self employed. This has to mean that a vast number of the workforce will be creating a second income for themselves as well as working in employment.The Trend Has Already StartedThe main boom will be created by people selling items on eBay and Amazon, people helping businesses with their administration and website creation/marketing and p
October 06, 2016
You will greatly improve your web searches by putting your search phrases within inverted commas (" "). Just entering a phrase in the search bar often leads to many millions of results and some very relevant results will never be found.However, put your phrases within inverted commas and the number of results will reduce to perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand with those nearest to your phrase having priority.As an example, type in the search bar how to keep accounts and google results will
I have been with WA about three months now and it's time to report on my progress. Having commenced with absolutely zero experience I decided my niche would be bookkeeping and accounting. I had previously taught the subject to adult classes and had perfected a teaching method that simplifies the basics and has been very successful with my classes. Initially I planned to produce a website to help and encourage students to succeed. I also wanted my teaching methods to become widely available. As