Lesson 2: Financial & Non Fncl. Goals

Last Update: December 28, 2012
Hello WA friends,

First, a quick thank you to all who have welcomed me here, and assisted me! Now on to the purpose of this blog, to post my Task 2 details, and encourage others to share theirs. Please also feel free to critique me, and and tell how I may improve on my goal setting.

My next 30 Days: I want to earn $1 in the next 30 days online.
My next 6 Months: I want to earn $300 in the next 6 months online.
My next 1 Year: I want to earn $1,000 in the next year online.
(I came up with these #'s out of thin air. I just felt they were realistic, and not overly optimistic goals).

The next 10 days, are really busy, but I will connect with a few people on WA and progress through a few lessons/tasks.

The next 30 days, I will have habituated my daily effort towards making $ online, have chosen a niche, and have my own website.

The next 6 months, I will have persevered through this difficult time of learning, and trial and error. I will have learned quite a bit about writing great content, and using various softwares and tools. I will be active in the WA community and I will have solidified relationships with a few people. I will have succeeded at applying myself to one task for a fairly lengthy period of time!!! I will have my own website with a substantial amount of content, and affiliate links. I will also have chosen another site idea and be laying the foundation for it.

The next year I will have consistently applied myself to one task, have 3 sites up an running, be filling them out with more quality content, and looking to monetize them even better. I'll feel at home in this industry, confident that I really can do this!!!

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to hearing about your goals!

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Very realistic indeed! Now go ahead and surprise yourself!
wiliah14 Premium
I love it! I really need to lower my expectations! lol
I really like your first goal of $1 in 30 days also ... that really hit me between the eyes.. as i usually set my sites to high and end up jumping to the next program or adventure.. before i have gotten anywhere .... the other thing i like about this is you will have a journal ..so you can see your progress. but also others will see it and can be inspired..

Nice post! Good Luck :)
Hudson Premium
Hi Brad, congratulations on mapping out your goals this way. Just read a blog by Rosemary Conley and she credits a lot of her success to writing down her goals and sticking to them, so well done. I would also like to say that your goals are so very realistic. I wish you good luck, and key also is to stay focused and persevere. If I can help at any time please just let me know,
Carson Premium
Hey Brad, awesome goals! I love the first goal of earning your first $1 in 30 days and $300 in the next 6 months. These are very, very achievable goals and they will give you motivation to work towards. It's great to see that you are ready to put in the effort and have a clear path of where you want to be at each milestone. I can tell that you're serious about this and have put a lot of thought into being part of Wealthy Affiliate. Well done :)

I will personally be here to help, and look forward to getting to know you.