Number 1 Thing That Helps Me Succeed On The Internet

Last Update: October 30, 2018

Since I have been back at work more or less full time here is what has kept me from overdoing things or getting overwhelmed trying to catch up.

There are only a certain number of hours I can work before I get tired. So I have to make sure I use that time wisely.

I am glad I learned this lesson a long time ago.

I learned that allotting time for specific task, keeping track of the time and focusing on the task helped me get much more done.

For instance, I give myself 30 minutes to work through my emails.

Wait I hear you now!

“How can I do that in 30 minutes it takes me an hour or so to go through my email and messages?”

My trick is to stick to one thing at a time. If I open an email that has a link I am interested in I click the link and open a new tab. I do not go to that tab yet.

I know that if I go to the tab many times it is 15 minutes or more before I get back to checking emails because of the things on the site that interest me. I even end up clicking links on the first tab I opened that takes me further off working on emails. Finally after looking at several pages or links I make it back.

I call it chasing rabbits.

If I just open the tab and then wait until I get through working all my emails before I go to that tab I get a lot more done.

It saves me from looking at good information or interesting information that does not help me get done what I need to. That way I do both get my work done but still look at information I need just both in their time and place.

By breaking my working time down in 30 minutes or 1-hour blocks and assigning a task to each block then I am able to stick to that task.

I don’t get lost chasing a rabbit across the internet by clicking on links when I am doing something else.

You would be surprised by how much more I can get done.

Try it!

See how it works!

Then come back and tell me how it went!

In my world it is the number 1 thing that helped me succeed here on the Internet. Without it I would not get near as much done.

Onward and Upward

P.S. The first blog post I ever wrote here on Wealthy Affiliate was about how to use time wisely.

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carolbinger Premium
Thanks for the reminder Bo. It's good to have you back.
botipton Premium
Back on a roll again just a little slower
Harizan Premium
Hi Bo, happy to hear from you! Thank you for your wisdom on how to manage our time in a better way!
botipton Premium
You are welcome I glad you liked it
heljam404A Premium
A lot of wisdom in what you posted Bo.
botipton Premium
Thank you
CheDau Premium
Great post.
Thank you for reminding us how valuable our time is.

More power to you.

Wishing you more success.

God bless,
botipton Premium
You are welcome
JamesJB Premium
Chasing rabbits is something I need to stop doing. You are so right in your post, as I tend to click on a link while doing something, then wander off to the next link, and then the link shoots off to YouTube, and before I know it, I'm watching clips on YouTube which have nothing to do with marketing. Before I know it, two to three hours have gone by, and I still didn't get anything concrete done.

Thanks for the reminder, Bo... I'll try to stick to forgetting about the rabbits until the season is open...and take it from there.
botipton Premium
LOL James, I have been there and done that and it did not work.