The Power of Going Back to an Old Website

Last Update: December 03, 2017

Hey guys and gals,

thought this would be something cool to share.

Check out my image of my keyword "Is Swagbucks a scam or legit"

I'm ranked number 9 on Google which puts me on the first page.

Now the ranking is cool and all, but there is a deeper meaning behind this.

I wrote this article over two years ago, and when I did I think it ended up on the second page somewhere.

But, I stopped producing content on this website also almost two years ago, because I had other projects in mind in other niches.

In October, I finally came back to the website and did a lot of rebranding, changed the domain name etc... and Have only posted a few articles since I came back (rebranding took quite bit of time).

In the beginning of November, shortly after I posted my first article in 2 years, this Keyword was ranking on the bottom of the fourth page in Google. Which means not touching the website in two years made my ranking go down for really all of my keywords. No surprise there, it was to be expected.

But, in a little over a month since I posted my first article in a while, the keyword went from the fourth page to the first page even though I have not updated any of my old content.

Basically, this means just because I have started producing content again My rankings have gone back up and some of the content has even surpassed previous high rankings (All my article rankings have shot up since I came back as much as this keyword).

So, if you are ever wondering if your content dies when you leave a website untouched for a long period of time, this is proof that it isn't too hard to revive your content when you come back.

You just need to begin where you left off and start producing more content.

Do you have any experience with dead content or reviving an old website?

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joerice Premium
Boy, I sure hope I can revive my site haven,t did much with it for a while.
boston10111 Premium
as long as you produce high quality content your rankings will come back. I'm sure
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks for sharing Brandon.
I'm in the process of reviving some old content and adding some new stuff.

DEversley Premium
Great to know. Thanks for sharing.
All the best!
suzzziq Premium
Thank you for sharing this! I had to leave my website for 6 months to take care of my health. Now, I'm about to start trying to get it going again:). Thank you for the encouragement:)
boston10111 Premium
Glad I could help. Now you know that your rankings should be safe once you get cracking again(:
suzzziq Premium
That's good to know:). Thank you so much, again!
iJared Premium
This actually confirms some other research I was doing. It claimed you don’t necessarily lose ranking when you achieve it. Some may argue I suppose, the point the instructions I was following was making the point that if you rank for keywords, go after a broader range of those same words.
Your point seems case in point, meaning we can always continue to build and our content, if quality will find its day in the sun.
boston10111 Premium
Content is king Jared, and I always try my best to write quality content. I've been doing it this way since I joined WA, especially because of how much Kyle emphasizes it. Part of the reason, for sure, my rankings have comeback so quickly.

I'm glad I could confirm your research with this post, because you're right, quality will find its day in the sun. Just need to keep producing the correct way.