Proof Siterubix Website CAN get Indexed in Google

Last Update: July 28, 2017

A conversation in the Live chat has decided make me come out of the shadows and write a new blog here.

Basically there are some people(probably in WA) that are going around and saying that Siterubix websites can't get indexed in Google anymore because they are "subdomains".

This is completely untrue and absurd!

Here's my proof that Google will index subdomains including WA

As you can see, not only is my website indexed in Google.

I am ranking number 2 for the keyword "siterubix.baseball101"

as well as another siterubix website above mine with Zero content.

Of course, nobody is typing my keyword into Google.

However the point is just to show you You Can get indexed and ranked in Google.

You will just have to add more content than me if you actually want to rank for keywords that bring in traffic(;

Also think about the fact that are other websites that create millions of subdomains for their users to create their own blogs(Blogger, Wordpress, Blogspot, Wix,Etc..).

Their would be no point to blog on any of these websites if you couldn't be found.

Which IS NOT the case!

Anyways, I hope this helps dispel any and all myths about SiteRubix not working.

P.S. Per Rich's comment below. Just wanted to write it here too.

Type in "site:*" in Google you will find hundred's (probably thousands) of indexed Siterubix websites.

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mybiz4u Premium
Thnx for sharing the info, B.
spurway Premium Plus
for sure why would google not index a site Rubix site.
@RICH. Premium
If anyone needs further proof just google:

jvranjes Premium
There is no reason why it couldn't be ranked. Everything is ranked. There are many sites out there of that kind. Those who claim such things need only eyes. Absurd, you are right about it.
boston10111 Premium
Agreed, problem is new people come in and some try to act like experts with minimal knowledge and the other new people follow blindly thinking everyone on here is an expert.
jvranjes Premium
Noticed, some are really loud.
Y8t7Ti5W9s0 Premium
Thank you.