$510.10 - My One Year Anniversary At Wealthy Affiliate


A few days late, but it's official. I've been welcomed into the world of Wealthy Affiliate a few days over a year ago and I'm not leaving anytime soon.

How I Got Here?

If there's one thing that's been fortunate for me it's being young. I turn 22 on the 21st this month which means I still have my whole life ahead of me.

Not only that, I haven't had enough time...

Enough time to lose thousands of dollars to different scams.

Many people that come to Wealthy Affiliate lose tons of money before they arrive here.

Some arrive here, but leave (Seriously, don't leave), lose hundreds or thousands of dollars, and then comes back here to give WA a second chance realizing after a long time and many adventures through the online world that there is no place to make money fast and easy.

I arrived differently. One day I was going through my emails and clicked on this link that brought me to a get rich quick website.

The article was designed like it was from a credible news source that talked about a mom that made $6,000 the first month she started online.

And guess what?

I read the entire thing.

I mean that's how a lot of these scams work, right?

Of course, being young means your friends thinks everything is a scam which will naturally make me think that this "work at home mom" website was a scam too.

So, I did some research. Plugged the website name into Google to see what I would find.

Of course, Once I started reading I verified what I had already known deep down inside.

It was a scam.

But, since I'm always curious, I kept reading other things on this website only to find their top recommended legitimate program was the one and only.

Wealthy Affiliate.

I clicked on the affiliate link and saw a "free" membership without a credit card required.

So, I signed up.

I still didn't believe you could make money online, but I'm a risk taker and honestly, free meant no risk at all to me.

But this didn't make me any less of a skeptic of what Wealthy Affiliate had to offer.

I still didn't believe in paying for the premium membership.

But, then of course, I saw what everyone has seen that signed up as a premium member.

I saw the community and the training that was offered for free and finally believed that there really is a way to make money doing something online.

Kyle's training broke down everything in a simple format that taught me how making money worked in the online world.

A week after I joined I payed the monthly membership.

I read many blogs on here of income earnings, read a lot of the one year, two year, etc..anniversaries from members like Nathaniel, Vitality, and younger members like Colton as I progressed through this journey.

All inspiring, right?

And of course here I still am.

My Websites Journey

Like many people before and after me I wasn't quite sure what kind of niche I wanted to do.

So, I started on Bootcamp and made a website to promote WA.

A website that talks about different scams and teaches people about SEO, Keyword Research, and a lot of other things affiliate marketing related.

After 6 months of working on my website I had about 35 posts and comments basically all from WA. At this point I had only made a few dollars on the website, but I also knew that it would take longer.

I mean, the niche is a little more competitive in my opinion.

At this point, however, I had an epiphany.

Kyle and many others on WA talk about the different niches there are and how new ones are created every day.

Well, ridesharing is one of those emerging new markets and also something I do.

I drive for Uber.

So, I decided to put my WA website on the back-burner and decided I would create a website about a niche that I'm already knowledgeable about and doesn't have many "experts" in the online world yet.

I've already explained in a previous post how I'm ranking in the top three of Google for a Keyword with a lot of competition and gets 2700 searches a month.

You can read that post here-


I'll admit, I haven't been as productive as I wanted to be, but I haven't lost my "Why" for this.

I was right about one thing though. I knew I discovered a niche that would rank better, faster, and easier than my WA website.

Here's my organic traffic since my second websites incorporation on December 2nd, 2015

You see how traffic only trickled for the first basically 4 months?

This is why you should not quit if you have no traffic after 3 months.

It's only the last two months the traffic has actually shot up more.

And by the way, that's 166 organic searches in one day. the actual visit count was closer to 200 people. If it keeps at that pace this means my seventh month would be on pace for about 6,000 visitors.

That's 200(visitors a day)X30(days in the month)=6,000 Visitors.

My Earnings to Date

Hence the name of this post. My first years earning after joining WA is $510.10.

Now do the math for a minute.

A year membership cost $360.

That means you can be in the positive after your first year here. And like I said I haven't been as productive as I could've or should've been or my earnings would've been a lot higher.

Now, there are of course many that only do the monthly membership which means

$47X12 months= $564 for a the year having a WA memberships.

If this is what you are doing then you would have been only about $50 short of breaking even.

Here's the best part about this money.

Last month I made half of what I made the rest of the year.

$250.80 for the month of May was my earnings.

Even though I put my WA website on the back-burner I'm still making money from it even though nothing has been done in 6 months.

Check out some of my earnings below.

P.S. This doesn't show ALL of my earnings for the year.

WA Earnings-$221.50

If You look at May I made 3 sales from my WA site and currently I have 5 premium members under me(the second part you wouldn't be able to see).

This means if no one cancels I will make $112.50 this month, once again, from a site that hasn't been worked on in 6 months.

Google Adsense Earnings-$45.56

As you can see from this picture, even though I've made $45.56 in the 8 months of using Google Adsense, I made almost $19 just in the last 28 days($23 if you count the first 3 days of May)

You can also see that if I've only made $221 from WA this means half of my money was earned from outside of WA.

Proof that you don't need to promote WA to make money online

And here's the most exciting part yet...Check out the below image.

You see how it says $7,625 in pending invites?

This is potential income that I will make if all my referrals from my 6 month old Uber website completes a certain amounts of trips driving for them.

Even though not every referral will meet the requirements I need to earn this money. If just a couple do I will be netting $2-$3,000 this upcoming month since most of my referrals have also come in the last month.

That's a full time income for most people that work a "9-5".

My Closing

There is just so much more I could talk about in this post, but I don't want to bore you anymore.

But just remember, You don't need to come from some "privileged" family to be a success.

You also won't succeed if you don't start doing something about it today, because tomorrow or "Someday" might just be too late.

Hope You enjoyed the read.

Best Regards,


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Great job Brandon! People need to remember, myself included, that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is going to take hard work and it's going to take time to build a business. Well done!

Awesome work Brandon. Thanks for sharing. I love WA! ~Gina

Great post Brandon and I agree this works and it does take time the main thing is to keep at it.. congratulations

Very well done Brandon! Congrats on your success!

It goes to show patience really does pay off. Well done my friend

Congrats Brandon - I reckon this coming year will be a very profitable one for you!!! :)

Great stuff Brandon :)

Congratulations Brandon! Most people give up after six months and never break even.

Hi Bradon and amazing information and thank you for sharing

Well done Brandon.

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