I Missed Out on the Easy Blog Posts!

Last Update: January 25, 2017

I see so many short WA blog posts that newbies make with a single line.

"I set up my first website! It's (url here)"

"Just went premium! I hope I am successful!"

"Just joined WA. Place looks legit."

"This is my first blog post. I am new to wealthy affiliates"

"I have been indexed in Google. What is my next step?"

Nothing wrong with any of these, but I guess I was too busy with the training when I first started to be messing around with blog posts! Now I feel an obligation to write several paragraphs! lol

Anyway, feeling pretty good about my progress so far this month, I might make a separate post about it. Sometimes the grind of making content wears out the motivation I get from my progress. And again, the chronic health issues don't help.

Oh, well, on to another day of work! Cheerio! :D

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Loes Premium
Those posts are missed chances, Tennyson.
WA blogs are Google indexed, and Google will not pay attention to those short blogs. You would be wise to use the keyword tool for your title and tags. Everyone who comes to Wealthy Affiliate via your blog will automatically be your referral.
WilliamBH Premium
LOL .. I missed those early easy one too! Cheers, William.
MPollock Premium
Catch up and keep up the good work
GeoffGS Premium
Lol. Sounds like you have some catching up to do.