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March 17, 2020
Not sure if any of the old crew still check on my profile (probably not since so many come and go year in and year out) but I am just checking in to say I am still a WA member and have not given up on the dream.I have a history of health issues including various physiological symptoms as well as major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and who knows what other labels and diagnoses.But of course, I don't let them define and control me.I started out at
Well I'm not one to be too concerned about my WA rank but I like to play with it every now and then just for fun and to practice blog writing.If you don't already know, there are 3 major metrics used to determine your WA rank. Those 3 metrics are your helper rank, your creator rank, and your activity rank.Your total WA rank is, in general, determined by averaging these 3. Checking in today it looks like I'm way behind on one of those! hahaAs you can see, my helper and activity ranks are in the
I see so many short WA blog posts that newbies make with a single line."I set up my first website! It's (url here)""Just went premium! I hope I am successful!""Just joined WA. Place looks legit.""This is my first blog post. I am new to wealthy affiliates""I have been indexed in Google. What is my next step?"Nothing wrong with any of these, but I guess I was too busy with the training when I first started to be messing around with blog posts! Now I feel an obligation to write several paragraphs!
January 24, 2017
I don't usually make updates like this, but I felt like 700 followers was a lot.Not that it really matters on WA. Followers here are a bit like Pinterest and Instragram: you'll eventually get them as long as you are active, it doesn't necessarily mean that many people look at your posts all the time.Still, I've been in WA for awhile now and I thought it was worth a small "woo" to take a moment and check out that number. So thanks for following!See you in WA!
January 20, 2017
Does it feel like there is too much to learn in internet marketing? Too much to do? Too many things to try? And you feel so behind even though you're not sure how far you should be anyway?I joined WA through Kyle's example bootcamp site, and one of the things he mentioned as a downside in his honest WA review was that WA can cause an overwhelming feeling of "information overload."It's common in our niche, especially for newbies, to feel like there is an infinite amount of stuff to do and learn.
January 19, 2017
Every motivation and self-help blog had their headlines in December: make 2017 "your" year! Yeah, I hope so! lolI'm picking myself up from the holiday slump now to hit the ground running. Chronic health issues and career frustration for both me and by wife don't help. But the website is ready to start posting on like crazy, so that's what I intend to do!I get a little frustrated with myself sometimes for not being more on the ball than I am, but there is no more encouraging time to start hustli
December 15, 2016
Here is an example of a low-quality blog post that helps no one:"Hi guys, was feeling a bit down today until I heard one of my favorite Christmas jingles! It goes like this:Dashing through the snowIn a one horse open sleighO'er the fields we goLaughing all the wayBells on bob tails ringMaking spirits brightWhat fun it is to laugh and singA sleighing song tonightOh, jingle bells, jingle bellsJingle all the wayOh, what fun it is to rideIn a one horse open sleighJingle bells, jingle bellsJingle al
November 28, 2016
Here in the US, several weeks ago, we had a really tight presidential race with two candidates nobody really even liked.It was obvious who the media wanted to win, and polls are always either slanted or inaccurate, but I think the results ended up shocking and surprising a lot of people. But we didn't just have shock, there was outrage. Riots, even.There have been consistent rumors and suggestions for over a decade about the polls being rigged. Voter fraud, faulty machines, corruption, etc.And
So I just bought a year of WA premium for $300 - what a deal!There are a lot of scams out there, but there are a lot of signs telling you when it might not be a good idea to buy anything. There are also a lot of marketing schemes that annoy me and turn me off to a product.WA had no red flags, and it didn't take me long to figure out that WA was legit for sure. I bought a year of premium quickly, and I've never looked back.If you don't already know, getting WA prem at a yearly rate gives a decen
Hey, everyone! You might not have noticed, but a couple days ago we all logged in to a new sight:That HTTPS instead of HTTP means that WA is now encrypted with SSL (that's secure socket layer) encryption and therefore more secure and authoritative!Now I took classes in computer security so maybe that's the main reason why I'm excited about this (nerd alert) but it also has some pretty good news with it...WA is passing it along to us!That means SSL/HTTPS will be available for premium WA users on