My First Clickbank Sale

Last Update: Jul 15, 2017


Hi guys, today I made my first Clickbank sale!

It was not expected because I am not on the first page of Google for the specific product review.

So, I guess that it came from social media.

It is from the website that I promote Wealthy Affiliate and I compare all the product with WA. But I put affiliate links for every product that I review as Kyle says.

The sale was at $6.33. I know that it is not much but I am happy for that.

In total is the fourth sale of my website. I have three more here on Wealthy Affiliate but this sale was a total surprise for me.

About my strategy

I simply follow Kyle strategy that I have learned at the training. It is my second site as I decided to quit the first one because I had made too many mistakes.

I started building this website 9 months ago and I am consistent only the last three months.

Nothing fancy

I create content that targets low competition keywords (under 50 QSR if possible), share it on social media and I ask 2-3 comments per post.

I am getting on average 10 organic visitors per day and 20 visitors by social media. Hopefully, I will get much better results soon.

WA strategy starts working for me.

Recent Comments


Great job

Thank you David.

Good job man, keep up the grind

Thank you.

Well done, only 3 weeks in so no sale yet, were all your traffic from social media? Facebook?

Thanks Sue, three weeks is too soon.

I have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and I created a Youtube channel but I do not get traffic until now from Youtube.

Congratulations! Social Media is a good way.

Thank you Takatomo.

Great Job! That's awesome, being new to this, it's exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you! and Keep it up

My first weeks here, I am happy that this one can give you the motivation you need.

Wish you all the best!

That's awesome Ilias. Great job on the second site.

Thanks Mark.

Great job, IIias!!! If you can make $6.33, you can make $63.30...$633.00...$6,330.00...keep moving forward!

This is the plan!
Thank you Veronica.


Thank you!

Awesome, congrats on your first sale Ilias. Although not a HUGE commission, that is the starting point and that is what makes this all so real.

As you move forward and as you continue to build out your website, this will start to happen with more and more consistency to the point where you will be making MANY sales each and every day.

The snowball is rolling here, just don't let it stop and you will continue to cumulatively grow!

Thank you Kyle for the comment, the last weeks I feel that my work is improved comparing some months ago.

So, I think that it may be the reason because I get some good results.

I will not stop, I feel really motivated lately.

Thanks again for your comment.

That is great. Everyone has to start somewhere and it looks like the system is starting to work for you.

Thanks for the comment, Lashaun.

Yes, it has started to work and I am confident that I will get better results in the next months.

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