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Hey everyone, I started on Quora 32 days ago. I have already got some results and it's an interesting experience.The plan was to write one answer per day, but I had some issues. Quora decided to disapprove two of my answers.My best two answers got over 10k in two weeks (it's not easy to achieve that with no followers) and I added a call to action. It was a mistake because Quora did not like my links and deleted my best answers.I appealed, but they rejected it.I learned a lesson from this proces
Seven days ago, I started a new personal challenge and wrote a blog about it here on WA:I will write on Quora for one year.Today, I have already answered seven questions. Quora is a nice platform and this is a learning experience for me. But in the beginning, I had an issue:When I wrote my first answer, Quora removed my answer as spam. It was an answer about a money-making website. I wrote a completed answer and linked my review.I appealed and they accepted my answer. So, if you face the same
I want to try new things and test as more as I can. So, I decided to give Quora a try.I have read posts of other marketers on WA and posts on the internet. Jay has mentioned Quora on some webinars. Also, a guy sent me an email to ask a question on Quora about a website that I have already reviewed.It's a no brainer that if I can help someone, I will do it. If we can help people, we can create an audience doing that!So, I have already answered my first answer. It was a little more than 500 words
May 20, 2019
I promote a few products on my website and yesterday I made my bigger sale until today.$1,170 only from one product!I think it's worth to write a blog about that.The funny thing is that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative but still, some people want what they want. But it's a legit product.I had written a review about that product almost a year ago and did not see that coming. So, it was a pleasant surprise. The last few months my traffic goes better and better because of my w
There are many mistakes an affiliate marketer can make. Some people say that is a good thing to make mistakes. You can learn from them and come back stronger.While I agree with the sentence above, there is one mistake that you must avoid and you are not going to learn anything if you make it. Even worse, you can learn the wrong things and develop bad habits. I talk about the mistake of listening to the wrong people when you want to learn something. It can be a skill, a new technique, a new habi
There are thousands of people who look for business ideas, sign up for email lists of influencers and join on business forums.According to Jaaxy, the keyword "how to start a business" has 13k searches per month and the keyword "how to start a business with no money" over 10k search.How many of these guys take action after finding the information they are looking for? Usually, a small percentage of them.Most people who want or think to start a business, they are not ready to get started. So, the
Hi everyone, today I will share with you some amazing results.While most people here know that Wealthy Affiliate works, some of you still have doubts. I hope my story will motivate you to keep working on your sites.So, I have made over $400 only from one post. However, it's not a post that I sent traffic and linked it from other articles. I just published and shared it on social media.The IdeaUntil the day I wrote it, I had published 30-40 articles on my site and was looking for new content ide
February 19, 2018
Is there any easy way to follow the training or make money with Wealthy Affiliate?When I joined here, I had to learn many new things. But I was here because I wanted to change some parts of my life.I am sure that many of you have the same motivation and the same problems.We can change our lives in many different ways. However, the most of us here, we want more money for different reasons.It's totally fine.And we follow the training of WA to achieve our goals and dreams.Most members of WA know t
February 08, 2018
What a surprise!I logged in some minutes ago and there was a pop up writing that I made the Top 200.Thank you everyone! Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing journey and I really enjoy it. I feel grateful and motivated to continue helping people and soon I will publish more posts.I am following a simple routine here in WA. I just answer at least 5 questions of other WA members per day. I think this is why I am in the top 200 and some posts boosted my ranking as well.I know that it's possible to be ou
When I received the private message from Kyle, I could not believe it. I was selected for the Super Affiliate project!Today is the first working day of the Super Affiliate week 1. I have already started writing my next article and I just made a break to say a thank you.Thank you Wealthy Affiliate!I am looking forward to learning and working with everyone here.