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February 28, 2021
Hi Wealthy Affiliate!Today I made the top 100! I am a member of WA for 4-5 years, and this is the first time I climb on the rankings. It looks great on my profile!I had made the top 200 before but didn't stay there. It was not my focus to reach this point, but my last training and posts boosted my creator points. I am more active in the last weeks as well. So, the top 100 is welcome.Thank you for your likes and comments because they improve our rankings.
I added Google AdSense to my website in January 2020. It was a three year old website that was monetized with affiliate programs. I didn't change anything else but just added the Google AdSense code.I started with the automated placements that are suggested by Google. But it added the ads on weird placements, and I decided to place them manually. Google did not like my manual placements, so it didn't allow me to place ads for one month. I assumed I was banned on that point, but the ads were ena
Learning to use keywords is critical to our business. Wealthy Affiliate does a great job explaining the value of low competition keywords. But we tend to choose the wrong ones. I learned the value of the low hanging fruit after many failures, even if many others mentioned it earlier.If you choose the right keywords, you will be successful in any online project. You will be able to find opportunities on every platform like Google, YouTube, social media, freelance platforms, marketplaces, etc. Th
May 20, 2019
I promote a few products on my website and yesterday I made my bigger sale until today.$1,170 only from one product!I think it's worth to write a blog about that.The funny thing is that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative but still, some people want what they want. But it's a legit product.I had written a review about that product almost a year ago and did not see that coming. So, it was a pleasant surprise. The last few months my traffic goes better and better because of my w
Hi everyone, today I will share with you some amazing results.While most people here know that Wealthy Affiliate works, some of you still have doubts. I hope my story will motivate you to keep working on your sites.So, I have made over $400 only from one post. However, it's not a post that I sent traffic and linked it from other articles. I just published and shared it on social media.The IdeaUntil the day I wrote it, I had published 30-40 articles on my site and was looking for new content ide
July 14, 2017
Hi guys, today I made my first Clickbank sale!It was not expected because I am not on the first page of Google for the specific product review.So, I guess that it came from social media. It is from the website that I promote Wealthy Affiliate and I compare all the product with WA. But I put affiliate links for every product that I review as Kyle says.The sale was at $6.33. I know that it is not much but I am happy for that. In total is the fourth sale of my website. I have three more here on We