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I had two goals today. I wanted to complete two specific tasks that would take a few hours each. These tasks were two articles, not unusual or difficult.So, I woke up, ate breakfast, and was ready to start my day. While I was eating breakfast, a new idea came into my mind. "What if I do something different about my site." After thinking about this idea for an hour, I decided that it is not worth it.Then, I was stressed with all that overthinking. I went for a walk and then to the gym. When I wa
Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.It's a quote by Arthur Ashe. I have no idea about tennis, but the simplicity of these three short sentences and their practicality in every part of life is obvious.However, most people don't start where they are, don't use what they have, and don't do anything or do much less than what they can. So, let's break this quote into three parts and start with the first one.Start Where You Are We are in a specific place and time. We live in the p
May 20, 2019
I promote a few products on my website and yesterday I made my bigger sale until today.$1,170 only from one product!I think it's worth to write a blog about that.The funny thing is that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative but still, some people want what they want. But it's a legit product.I had written a review about that product almost a year ago and did not see that coming. So, it was a pleasant surprise. The last few months my traffic goes better and better because of my w
Hi everyone, today I will share with you some amazing results.While most people here know that Wealthy Affiliate works, some of you still have doubts. I hope my story will motivate you to keep working on your sites.So, I have made over $400 only from one post. However, it's not a post that I sent traffic and linked it from other articles. I just published and shared it on social media.The IdeaUntil the day I wrote it, I had published 30-40 articles on my site and was looking for new content ide
July 14, 2017
Hi guys, today I made my first Clickbank sale!It was not expected because I am not on the first page of Google for the specific product review.So, I guess that it came from social media. It is from the website that I promote Wealthy Affiliate and I compare all the product with WA. But I put affiliate links for every product that I review as Kyle says.The sale was at $6.33. I know that it is not much but I am happy for that. In total is the fourth sale of my website. I have three more here on We