Old ways, new ways.

Last Update: April 01, 2017

In responding to something a day or two ago, I commented on the posted picture of a business card, with the poster's site address on it. It was presented as a new idea.

I've been in retail/service for 35 years or so, and 20 years before I bought my first computer, we had issues with promoting a business similar to what we are dealing with in the 'net age. Even then, we had to locate customers, research their needs, get their attention, gain their trust, and lead them to buy. There are many ways to do this as you know.

Some of the old ways still work. We all need branding, and to promote that brand in everything we do. Business cards, hand-written thank you notes, ad specialties, print ads, phone book presence, legitimate forms of business (corporation, LLC, etc.), presence in networking organizations (it can happen other places than online), service club memberships (Rotary, Lions, etc.), and the willingness to sell your personal brand, are just some of these 'old' ways.

Has anyone ever told you that it would be best if you prepared 3 different speeches? Examples are the 30-second 'elevator' speech - someone walks onto the elevator you're on and says, 'Hi, I'm Joe, what do you do?" Be prepared to introduce yourself to Joe, and spend the next 30 seconds describing what affiliate marketing is, and the benefits to Joe when he gets involved, then you hand him your business card with your URL on it. The next speech on your list is the 5-minute speech. You're at a meet-and-greet, trying to juggle your coffee and donut in one hand while shaking hands with the other, and the lady next to you says, "Hi, I'm Laura, what do you do?" So you take the next five minutes, describing in some detail what affiliate marketing is and what the benefits to her would be, and then hand her your business card, with your URL's on it.

Six weeks later, you get a call from Laura, reminding you of how awkward you looked with your coffee and donut, but praising you for the quality of information you imparted while she was standing with you. She and Joe belong to the same dinner club, and they are in need of an after-dinner speaker. They thought of you, and if you agree, they would need about 30 minutes of material, but she knows you have all that at the ready, don't you? It's a club of internet marketers, all in search of ways to bring their products and information to the giant market of folks on the net.


You just never know when all the work and preparation you're putting in to your site will pay off. It might involve more than the net!

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RichBrennan Premium
Absolutely agree with you. Just because we're running an online business, doesn't mean we have to hide behind the computer and not interact on a personal level.
Once my website is live, I intend to be handing out business cards should the opportunity present itself and will be using my morning flab-fighting walk to stuff leaflets through letter boxes.
AGOgden Premium
Mike has it right! Press On!
kasage00 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
verazhelvis Premium
Sounds like good advice. Thank you.:)
MKearns Premium
You're in a great position then. 30 minutes is easy. Like writing chapters in a book. Research 6 different topics at a max and put 6 5 minute speeches together!