How Content Quality Affects Bing Ranking

Last Update: Dec 17, 2014


I came across a very interesting post on Bing's blog regarding ranking:

"In today’s post we take a look at how the Bing ranking algorithm considers content quality for ranking web documents. There are often many web documents on the web that are relevant for any given user query and an effective ranking algorithm should consider not only relevance but also the authority, utility and presentation of the content in order to provide the best search results. My colleague Michael Basilyan will provide some insights on how Bing algorithms incorporate content quality in order to improve the ranking of our results."

The article describes how to improve content quality in three areas: authority, ultility, and presentation. Examples are included which show ways to boost your site's Bing ranking. (While this post is specific to Bing, I'd expect that similar considerations are applied by Google for its rankings as well.)

Full article at:

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Yes I am pretty sure all of that information will cross over to google very well. Thanks for the find and the post.

Thanks, most useful!

thanks for this

Great article, value information, thanks for sharing

Thank you Bob, this is a really informative article!

Thank you, Bob! I still have to get set-up with Bing and learn about them so much appreciate this new insight. God Bless and Merry Christmas! ~Cathy

Thanks Bob for the link. Good tips for page layout too.

Thanks Bob. I'm bookmarking the article to read this afternoon. :) Never can learn enough!

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