Essential skills for online marketer

Last Update: Apr 3, 2014


There are some skills you need grasp firmly , they should be your second nature.

  • html and CSS, they are the web language , you have to understand how the web page display , it is work of html and CSS , if u know a little bit of Javascript, it is a plus
  • SEO, search engine optimization, it is because search result is 70% of the start point of the internet marketing behavior
  • PPC , Pay per click marketing,but be careful, undisciplined ppc marketing is quickest way to loss money
  • Analysis, it is not limited into Google analytic, though it is very import, the concept is you should know what happen through analysis of the data you gathered, then work out a action
  • Writing, write everyday, it is not very important to what you write, but you are able to write without no difficulty
  • Email marketing, it is a good way to interact with audience and customers
  • Marketing , with this in mind, please understand why what products for who, you serve a bridge between the products and customers

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great list. And where I am up to the mark with the points you make I can agree that the learning has benefited me. We can't all do all things, and I find it important to know that options simply exist, so that I can find out more about them, when I need to...and then I ask WA or search here on in Google..

Good job, Good list. Andy

A good neat, to the point list here Xue.

A year ago I made a determined effort to learn HTML5 & CSS3. I read an industry suggested (~600pg) text, read articles & video training etc. I still found it slow going (as you would know, PHP & Javascript etc are more difficult than markup language to learn).

I can plod along with it, though have found a good design framework that does not need markup knowledge (though you can still use it to build if you like).

The one thing I would like to add here Xue, is, that although I think you are right in getting a surface level knowledge on the areas mentioned - It will be nearly impossible to have a professionally deep level of understanding of all of them. I do understand that you are not saying you need to do this. I am mealy noting it for other new people to IM who you just scared the daylight out of :)

It may be worth mentioning, that with a basic understanding of these areas achieved & as your business moves forward - It is fair to say that outsourcing will take care of the areas you are not as competent. This however is no excuse not to be somewhat knowledgeable of the areas mentioned.

Thank you for a good posting.

Hi DAmien:
Thanks for ur long comments,i write this for the WAer to know what matters as an online marketer.
U r definite right, we can not be good at everything,I am also like outsourcing as much as possible.

Thanks for sharing this!

Are you saying it is essential to know HTML and CSS?

Hi trialynn:
I mean it,

What is the downside to not having these skills?

the downside is you need hire with high price if don't own the skills

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