How To Get My Visitors To Use The Tunnel I Am Providing More?

Last Update: June 06, 2016

How can I get my visitors to go through to the product review page, this is my most popular post on my site, I would like it to convert better by getting my visitors to click on product review?

Any suggestions

Thanks so much


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feigner Premium
could you move one of the pictures of the natural nail hands up to the top of the post - just to show what you can achieve?
poss move the initial nail repair part next with the nail repair after this?
i know you want to sell the nail repair kits
coschedule prefers your 8 great tips headline - has positive sentiment
have you thought about split testing?
maybe better off having the 8 tips?
link to another post for more detailed informtion?
have fun
RickBell57 Premium
Many will never click through anything they are there on a whim and pretty much all over the place. It is why we will only pick up one sale out of so many referrals . Many online marketers are looking to make instant cash and not interested at all about having to learn or study or research or work . We focus on the ones we do convert and we focus on ways to convert more.

More content reach is more interested people . Design, bells and whistles, images, all these things are mostly distractions for most .conversions are done with the call to action in the right subject matter in front of the right victim, sorry I mean visitor Ha!

There are over 30 different strategies to get visitors to a website. look into some of these and the research should help you find which ones are more suitable for you to take action on.

Weeks to months of research will enable you to find more ways to reach better suited traffic for your product conversions .
blubutterfly Premium
Thank you Rick, I will spend some more time on this too :)
TanjaRita Premium
Hmm, I am not sure why people aren't clicking through. You have links placed in all of the right places. You might want to try another image right at the very end. Just text on a different color saying something like "The best way to repair damaged nails is... click here for more information".

Other than that, I am not sure what else to suggest.
blubutterfly Premium
Thank you Tanja, I may change that image too at the end, I noticed I am really only showing one result, same ladies nails.
theresroth Premium
Re-ask: How can Blubutterfly intice more visitors to reach and read this product review page?
theresroth Premium
Have you tried linking to it from other posts, where the topic was pointing in that direction?
I think that might help.....
blubutterfly Premium
Hi there, thank you but yes it is linked to the product review, I am wondering why more of my visitors do not click on it...
theresroth Premium
Ok. I'll add a re-ask above in case the question was considered answered.....