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Last Update: March 26, 2014

I came across this great resource this morning on Search Engine Journal.

Many times I find myself in a bind when writing content and find that I lack some direction at times.

I'm really glad I found this because I think it will be a huge help in keeping on track.

Hope you find it helpful. Click the link for a Full Size Image

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

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Karyskis Premium
Great information, thank you for sharing.
Bill67 Premium
Very good thank you
lmgrove Premium
This is very helpful - thank you!
Tracy47 Premium
Awesome Share!!
nomda ploom Premium
hey Blas, although you are not the first on here with this, given that we all have different circles on here, I am sure that plenty of use will be found for it-thanks for sharing, Andy
Blas-Antonio Premium
yeah I'm sure there are many out there, but it's always a good reminder. I haven't been on WA for a little while because i'm working on my website and content writing. Need to get back to giving back brother. Hope you are well.
mackiejw Premium
Andy, different circles are a good thing. Otherwise we would be reading e-mails all day long :-)
nomda ploom Premium
write on, and right on. the latter in answer to your question...all the best friend.