BONUS Ways to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: February 05, 2019

I think we can all agree that the training and support at Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best to be found anywhere! And we know that if we follow the training and do the work, success is virtually guaranteed.

But becoming a successful affiliate marketer is just one of the new skills we have learned here. If you take a step back for a sec and reflect on what this training is really giving us, it is quite amazing!

These new skills that we all have learned will open up new doors for us and enable us to make money doing lots of different things. Not to mention that these look pretty darn good on a resume as well!

So here is a brief summary of the skills that I have learned since being a Premium Member here at WA and some suggestions that we all can use to make additional money from them.

6 BONUS Ways to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing typically takes place in the online world. But let's not forget about our local business and the ways that we can apply our newly learned skills to help them grow their businesses.

Some of the ways we can help our local, small businesses and get paid for doing so include:

1. Build or Update their Website

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I had no clue how to build websites. Now I can pump them out pretty quickly and do some really cool things with universe of plugins available with WordPress.

Take an inventory of your local businesses and look them up online. Chances are their websites are old and outdated or maybe they don't even have an online presence. I've already picked up 4 local clients simply by stopping in and have a discussion with the owner and discussing how I can help them acquire new customers.

Small, local businesses understand the importance of working with other small, local businesses. Chances are they will want to work with you instead of a larger, faceless company.

2. Create and Manage their Social Media Platforms

Many businesses have no social presence, and they don't know the first thing about getting started. The training at Wealthy Affiliate goes into tons of detail about the right way to design and run social media campaigns.

I created a Facebook campaign for a local restaurant in my area. It rewards their followers with special discounts when they engage with them on their Facebook page.

It was very easy to do and the owners said they've seen an uptick in business because now they can get the word out about food & drink specials, live entertainment and other special events.

3. Create an Email Marketing Campaign

What's one of the best ways to acquire new customers? By creating and growing an email list. Let the business owner know that you can do this by either adding it to their website, creating a new website or by using specific landing pages to funnel potential new customers.

I'll leave it up to you with regards to the specifics of this one because this topic could be an entire blog post all by itself. But new customer acquisition through automated email marketing is going to get the attention of any business owner. And now you have the skills to do this!

4. Be Their SEO Consultant

One of the most important lessons we learn at Wealthy Affiliate is how to design our websites to optimize SEO. This includes both on-page and off-page SEO.

Most businesses really don't understand the value of doing SEO correctly and think it is insignificant. We know otherwise! For example, your local real estate agents are all fighting for the same customers in your area. So are your local dentists, lawyers and veterinarians.

You can give them a competitive advantage because you can help them get higher rankings on Google over their competitors. This is Gold!

There's and old saying when it comes to SEO... 'The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google search results.' Remind the business owner of this and you will definitely get their attention - and very likely a new project!

5. Be Their Content Creator

I think we have all learned how important it is to continually create and post fresh and engaging content to our websites. Maybe you were born a naturally gifted writer, maybe not. But either way we have all become pretty darn good at writing.

So why not offer to be the content creator for you local businesses? This is a skill that gets anywhere from $50 - $75 per hour and is in high demand. Explain to them how it not only helps with their SEO rankings, but it is another method of distinguishing themselves over their competition.

If I need to take my Golden Retriever to the vet and I see a website that has a lot of cool content and informative posts, I will be more likely to choose them over another one with little to no content.

6. Do their Video Marketing

For those of us that are making YouTube videos as part of our marketing strategy, you better believe you can put those skills to work for other companies as well! Video is gaining in popularity and YouTube is pretty much becoming a Search Engine.

You can do general informational videos, what's new campaigns and general updates on behalf of that company. Pretty much what ever you could blog about can be made into a YouTube video.

Summing Up

This post is by no means intended to be all-inclusive with regards to the ways that you can monetize your new skills learned at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, it was really intended to make us all stop and think about how far we've come and hoe much we've accomplished.

And that we've learned some really cool things that can be applied and monetized in many ways.

Even though I've focused on local businesses in this discussion, there's no reason why you couldn't start your own, digital agency and extend your reach well beyond your local businesses. Just build yourself a new website and use what you've learned here to drive traffic to your site and acquire new customers.

The potential new opportunities are many for us all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

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BElliott56 Premium
Hey you did a great job on this blog. Very detailed and direct. kind a curious as to why there was so much dark detailed words. You still got the point accross.God job.

Thank you.
Brian E.
BJuno Premium
Thank you Brian! The bold words are just a blog style I learned from some SEO experts. They recommended doing that to draw attention to the main points of each paragraph. Maybe I'll take them out in future blog posts based on your comments.

I appreciate your feedback!
Debs66 Premium
I totally have to agree with you here. Lots of people here do tend to just give up because they aint cutting it with Affiliate links etc.
I suppose thats why so many come back, Because there is simply nothing Like W.A. out there in the online world..

That Local Seo you talk about is a booming market. Here in the UK.

Would you believe they charge people for Google My Business.

They do a real crappy job at it too. It's so free.

I called an office up one day and I said why would you do that. Would you believe it was a call centre.

I think because people don't know how to do what we do. They give up or spend fortunes on Websites that simply have no traffic, I have been invited to many offices before now.

I tell them straight It just a fancy portrait on their walls. They look at me and say Yes. I help them as best as I can. I simply don't do Free help any more. I got kicked down too many times for that one lol.

People are getting wise and they want the. " Old Skool" Local Business marketer.

Someone that will help them and show them how to gain traffic.

They want the proof that websites works. Hence comes in the time patience and a little love into there businesses and websites.

Local Seo is a Blummin Goldmine.

This is an Awesome post.
Debs :) :)))
BJuno Premium
Thanks for your comments, Debs! That is pretty unbelievable that they charge people in England for the same things we get for free here. But good to hear that the SEO biz is booming. Again, always looking for opportunity, so sounds like that is a good one. Especially for those that live across the pond?

Thanks again for your kind words!
Debs66 Premium
I know its pretty crazy. I found out because I was asked to do the website for them. they did a real rubbish job too.
Its looking better now though. I had to claim it back from them for the owners.
They are a big digital company in Leeds North Yorkshire. Totally shocking they charge for the rubbish work they do.
Wishing you all the best. Keep us up to date how you go.
Debs :)
BJuno Premium
Wow, just wow. I never would have thought a situation like that would exist in today's day and age!

Continued success to you as well! I'll post my progress and any significant successes here at WA!

Thanks Debs! :)
SylviaSuhr Premium
Love these great ideas BJuno,
I have been thinking how this could help people in developing countries and hope to encourage them to start.
BJuno Premium
That's great, Sylvia. My hope was this post would help generate some additional ways for folks to make money with the skills they've acquired here. Sounds like you are already doing that!

Again, I feel very blessed to have found this awesome community. It continues to amaze me more and more every single day!

Thanks so much for your comments!