Cancelled Membership

Last Update: August 14, 2019

Hello WA:
I had to cancel my membership for now because I'm not bringing in any money. I do not have much of an income. I am not getting any help from the government. I have to renew my temporary cash assistance. Things are not working the way I want them to work. I have to cancel something that's not needed right now and working on much. Soon as things come back together, I'll come back. I might come back with a new niche. People gave me some ideas. I do not have enough money for this.

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firstlearn Premium
Sorry to hear that Roger. Hope to see you back soon.

RAFStuart Premium
Sorry to hear this Big Rog, but do understand totally, wishing you all the best,

Becs1 Premium
All the best @bigrog44 .. WA community will be here to welcome you upon your return.
Take care and remember its ok that our priorities take a turn or require a reshuffle ... know that nothing is forever unless you choose it to be : )
klchang Premium
Sorry that it does not work out as you plan, Roger.
Come back when you able to.
The community here, I believe, always will welcome you back.
All the best, Roger.
bigrog44 Premium
I hope I'll be back.
CowboyJames Premium
Sorry to hear that Rog. Things will get better.
bigrog44 Premium