Are you Struggling with Niche and Keywords?

Last Update: December 12, 2014

Hi Everyone

First up I have to say this is my 2nd time around at WA. The first time, I got confused and overwhelmed, and gave up before I even gave myself and WA a chance. It's hard to admit it. But 2nd time around I am very aware of that "glitch" in my psyche. That's OK, because you can have second chances.

This time, I am more determined to make it work! I followed the training, step by step, and still got confused and overwhelmed with the keywords and niches.

You see, my problem was not being able to find a niche and keywords. No! My problem was finding too many niches and keywords. Seeing so many possibilities, and then not being able to stick to one.

So here is what I have been doing to overcome it so far...

Pick One Niche and Stick to It - for now

I still struggled with this until, I did one valuable thing that gave me clarity.

I registered and looked at click bank. This actually gave me some valuable ideas about some end user products that I could promote and sell - down the track - when my website is getting traffic and rankings. It just helped give me some focus, and stop the going round and round in circles. Not sure if everyone should do this, but if you are like me then it may help. But don't deviate from the training.

The key is to pick one, one niche that you love, or would like to learn more about. And stick with it till you have a website up and running, lots of content, traffic flowing and then hopefully, if you have followed the training, some sales.

Then, and only then, should you pick another niche and work that one.

This is still hard. What I have done, is write lists of all the niches I would and could explore later! and written keywords under them and some notes. I write each on a separate page in a book to keep them together. For some I have even registered a domain name to make sure I get that particular domain name - but I am not doing anything with them at this stage.

I also looked at some successful WA affiliates websites and looked at what they had done.

This helped give me some reference points of layout, and broad ideas, say product reviews, or how to keep it simple. This was invaluable. We don't need to reinvent the wheel. We just have to follow the cookie cutter system and repeat it. Those that are successful, have been able to do that.

So I have finally Picked 1 Niche and a few great keywords.

It suddenly got easier after that.


Focus is what is required here now. You see there are lots of what I call bright shiny objects, things to distract you like social media, chats, other niches, rankings that can and will distract you from your goal, and your target. Right now, at the beginning, you need to be focused like an athlete whose goal is to win the Olympics. They cannot get distracted by their friends going out, eating lots of food at Christmas time, not going to training on public holidays etc otherwise they won't achieve the success they desire.

Build a Website

Now you have a niche, and your keywords, and your domain name, go back and redo the trainings quickly whilst building your website at the same time. I am finding things that I remember I have to do to my website, but can't remember where they are in the training. I am finding it easier and quicker to just redo the training whilst building the website at the same time. My new website has just taken me about 3 hours from start to 3-4 pages of content so far.

Am I happy with It?

Is it completed, perfect, and going to rank number 1 on Google tomorrow? NO! But it is a fabulous start to build on. Yes. And taking the first step is always the hardest. In the following days I will add more and more. Maybe change some things, but it will always be a work in progress website.

Keep it Simple

It is easy to want to make your website perfect. The right pictures in this exact spot, the header unbelievable. The text world class. In my opinion this is just going to slow you down. And perhaps never even get it to a profitable website. My recommendation is to keep it simple. Build a simple header. Write some simple text, or pay someone to, and use easy graphics that you can do and upload.

Then, you can always update, change and improve at a later date.

At this point I am really happy with my progress 2nd time around, and building my website. In about another week, I will have it at a level I am happy with content wise. And expecting it to start ranking. I will keep you posted on the progress

Any comments or feedback if this was helpful please leave them below.

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LookingUp Premium
Thanks for this! Just what I needed...
BeYou Premium
You are so welcome. Glad it helped
EricaS22 Premium
I think many people can relate. I have a tendency to get distracted easily by the keyword research and focus as well. Thank goodness for second chances... and third, fourth, fifth...well you get the picture. Nice post. I enjoyed the read :)
BeYou Premium
Thank you. And wish you great success
Sui_generis Premium
This was an excellent post. Focus and distractions are my weakness.
BeYou Premium
Thanks. Mine too. Glad it helped.
santy Premium
Good post and keep going good job
BeYou Premium
Thanks. I will. Lots of success to you also
olivingstone Premium
Fab post and great advice. It's easy to get overwhelmed and also to want perfection before you can even walk. Wishing you all the luck and success. Olive
BeYou Premium
Thanks Olive, love your comments. Ditto back to you also