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"Kia Ora My Name is Mark Hepi and I am the Creator of...


I created this this page to attract people out there who can relate to my story and are looking for a way to live their passion now.

Have you ever met someone that worked so hard over 65 hours per week for 10 years and put his heart and soul into developing a company and increased their profits by 300% over 5 years and left without any redundancy just a coffee mug with the company%u2019s name on it and still has the mug today to remind him to never ever have a JOB (Just Over Broke or Jump Out of Bed)

J.O.B.S only pay you enough each week so you have to go back to work on Monday

I found out about residual & passive income and decided to try network marketing or MLM and have been involved in the industry for 10yrs. If you are anything like me working an MLM business where you pay for leads, cold call or spend a fortune on Pay Per Click ads, DVDS, CDS & magazines, spend endless hours on the road chasing family & friends trying to convince, manipulate or persuade them to join your affiliate program and mlm%u2026.STOP! You are on your way to the NFL CLUB (No Friends Left).


I have great news for you! I have found a fool-proof, no hype formula to make your MLM dreams and affiliate marketing come true.
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Who The Heck Is This Mark Hepi Guy Anyways...??

The beautiful lady in the photo is my wife Jinean we have been married for 15yrs.
I live in Rotorua, New Zealand and blessed with 3 beautiful children. At the age of 16 I was asked to leave school and had no way of getting a job, so I practically became a bum on the Govt. benefit, fortunately a friend of mine got me a job at a local saw milling factory and I worked the next 10 years working for someone else%u2019s dream. I was so over worked & stressed; I came to a point where I cried out to God %u2018there%u2019s got to be more to life than this!%u2019 I then discovered Robert Kiyosaki%u2019s Cashflow Game and couldn%u2019t sleep that night. I started to increase my knowledge by reading books recommended by Robert Kiyosaki up until this point I had only read 1 book in my whole life but in the next 6 months I read 18 books on financial literacy. I have spent thousands & thousands on motivational books tapes seminars even flew to LA for a 3 day Investment seminar $$$$

For the next 3 years I brought investment properties, share traded, tried off-shore investments but unfortunately lost it all in one bad investment. I worked really hard on myself to develop my mindset and pick myself up off the floor

I failed at so many opportunities I kept on going but I must say the going got tough with no home, very little income very little savings I still believed there was a way out of my situation

With no money in the bank I started my MLM journey%u2026

My MLM journey begins

In 1997 I was introduced to a MLM company it was through this industry I really developed my communication skills meeting a lot of wonderful people and enjoying the ability to create residual & passive income so I could spend time with my family to date I have been in 3 companies the first company I failed 2nd company I did ok but found myself constantly chasing people and doing all the work. 3rd company I%u2019m doing pretty good but still have the same feelings of this old school method is not working

%uFFFD Long hours on the road

%uFFFD More people are dropping off the team than joining (Witness Protection Program)

%uFFFD Chasing, Cold Calling, Convincing

%uFFFD Feels like you%u2019re the only one working

%uFFFD Making no money because you spent it all on tapes & seminars

%uFFFD No luck with bought leads & pay per click ads

The list goes on and on the frustrations go on
Until Now!!!

2006 I was introduced to the hit movie THE SECRET from this movie I discovered the power of the Law of Attraction and started intensive study using Bob Proctors SGR (Science of getting Rich) Program. It was through this program that I met my mentor Robert Sams who shared with me the power of attracting leads rather than chasing leads. Robert also taught me to live my passion now rather than wait until I%u2019ve become rich. It was through meeting Robert Sams and finding the MLM Goldmine (Ohana Family) that I found the answers to all my frustrations in MLM

I love to meet new people online and offline looking to build relationships to inspire people to live a happy joyful and prosperous life with unlimited possibilities.
I love online marketing & mlm and love learning & sharing web 2.0 strategies, my goal for 2008 is to have a lot of fun happiness and to earn loads of cash through adding massive use value to as many people possible.

I live by 1 rule & 7 principles & 15min exercise

Rule 1 : There are no rules ... meaning I will not tell you what to do, nor control you, nor impose my will on you! You are in charge of your will and wishes and success!

Principle 1. I put my family first, first ,first!

Principle 2. I live my passion now, now, now!

Principle 3. I always have FUN & PLAY today!

Principle 4. I use my will power to hold the Attitude of Gratitude in everything!

Principle 5. I give, give, give massive useful value than cash value I am receiving!

Principle 6. I am a creative thinker and not a competive thinker which keeps my mind in the present and right now!

Principle 7. I always drive my life with my vision, not with the rear vision mirror of my past or other people%u2019s past results!

One 15min Strategy I Do Everyday That No One Else Knows That Can Explode Your Online Success!

To Your Success

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Kia ora from New Zealand My name is Mark Hepi and the beautiful lady in the picture is my wife Jinean. Absolutely awesome to be apart of the wealthy community. Please feel free to drop me a line.

Mark & Jinean Hepi

silverlotus Premium
Hi Mark,
Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. Congratuations on your success. All the best to you.
silverlotus Premium
I meant to add you to my buddy list. You can add us too if you like.
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Kia ora bro .it is a pleasure to have found you here , a few of you guy's from Rotorua ...
good luck with your journey...Hi to your whanau also
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hello i'm jerry johnson and I just wanted to wish you a warm welcome to W.A. This place is pretty cool and i'm sure you will succeed because you joined W.A. Again keep that dream in your heart and I wish you all the success in the world. ps. Calm Sea's Ahead mate...........the old chief
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Are we having ton of fun yet?
In this moment
Right Her
Right now

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wow iwe mad his first sale... nice
bestbuys4u Premium
Iwi made his first sale in less than 1 day WOW !!!!

** u r awesome**