I am truly sorry if this brings back memories for you, but......

Last Update: May 17, 2014

I just wondered how many people here at WA had heard Alan Jackson's song about one of the saddest occasions I can remember - September 11....

My son just had an issue with his cowboy hat not fitting properly, and he had a "hissie fit" and being me, I reminded him of all the people in the world with bigger issues than him.

I remember driving to work that morning South Australian time about 8.00 a.m. and hearing the news on the car radio. I pulled off the road and listened to the tragic news and cried about all the lives lost in such a tragic situation; I was in disbelief. My heart went out to all those affected by such a tragic circumstance: your country all stood together to combat this insidious act. The lives lost by the rescuers trying to help was nothing short of devastating.

I eventually got to work that morning, and in awe, I told people what had happened, but the night shift workers already knew. Everyone was so upset.

When I hear this song, I recall answering "yes" to many of the questions Alan asks. Please listen to the song, if you can, and let me know how many questions you answer "yes" to?

I can remember where I was when the world stopped turning that September day!

After having this discussion with my 15 year old son, he no longer sees his hat being out of shape as a huge issue. Mind you he has fixed it by steaming it over the kettle!

Isn't it unusual in life what some people "spit chips" over when there are so many people worse off than them? If I have an issue in life, I immediately think "who is worse off", and it calms me down straight away! And I know I am the lucky one! Over to you for your comments if you like....

Here's the link to the beautiful but sad song, if you would like to hear it...




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marsgram Premium
I remember that day, I was driving to work (I worked with my sister out of her home). I heard about the first tower on the radio and it was so shocking it didn't seem real. When I walked into my sister's house she told me about the 2nd tower. Then we heard about the flight in PA (which is the state we lived in). We had the news on all day and we were in tears. Those images will always be in my head...and the brave people on the last plane who took action...will always remember the words of the passenger who said "Let's Roll". Oh my, here come the tears..... Thank you for the reminder that yes, things could be way worse than the little things we complain about or worry about every day.
DNave Premium
Thanks Berny. I remember when I heard the news. It was the one day that my husband and I didn't turn on the news while we were getting our kids ready for school. I took them to school and on the way there, my husband had finally turned on the TV and called to tell me what was going on.
I took the kids on to school but after getting there and telling some parents about what was happening, it was hard to leave my kids. We live in Colorado and we still felt unsafe and uncertain what the rest of the day might bring.
We are in retail and customers kept coming in and telling us what the latest news was. It was a sad, sad day.
Gordi Premium
You are so right Berny, about some people making a big problem out of nothing. We should all think about the big picture, before declaring "big tragedy" over nothing!
Karyskis Premium
Berny W ~ you sure got a lot of us thinking. I think that day will always be remembered, it touched everyone somewhere, somehow. It's a good practice to remind ourselves that someone else has bigger problems and we should not sweat the small stuff. Thanks for the post.
KatieMac Premium
I remember coming home putting news on and seeing the first tower attacked thought I had channel wrong and it was a movie seemed so unreal at the time, and it seemed like the earth cried out.enjoyed your post thank you for sharing
arick Premium
Thanks for sharing Berny! I grew up in NY, but lived in LA at the time of the tragedy. I will never forget it!
caylynn Premium
9/11 forever changed my life. A phone call after the 2nd Tower, to wait on airport stand by, until fatalities outnumbered casualties. Waited for hours, until I was told the lost would not be found. Days, weeks, months went by. Each day hoping.
Not one day goes by that I remember my friends and the memories of vacations, business meets, and...the party times. What is beautiful each year is how extended our families have become as the degree of separation shortens no matter how many miles between us. Friends are special gifts. Life is held closer. Wiping away happy tears now. Thank you.
boomergp08 Premium
I remember that sunny day and I had off from work. I was up early getting ready to run some errands and like every morning I had the TV on watching Good Morning America.

When I turned on the TV the first plane had already hit. I remember looking at the TV and hearing the newscaster say that reports were saying that a small jet had accidentally crashed into one of the towers. I looked at that big gaping hole and said, that has got to be a bigger plane than just a small jet.

Then several minutes later while still in awe in front of the TV I saw the 2nd airliner slam into the other tower and explode into a huge fireball. It was at that moment in time that I knew it was no accident. I knew it was a terrorist attack.

I wanted to drive there and offer my help caring for the first responders who were under enormous stress and emotions but this entire area was on a sort of lock down. No one could get into Manhattan and no one could get out unless you were a member of law enforcement, rescue, fire and/or the National Guard.

The NY City skyline which I can see from near where I live had reverted back to the way it was in the early 1970's, with only the Empire State Building being the tallest. Now about 2 miles from where I live there are 2 marble towers with the names of every citizen of Bergen County New Jersey who died that day, carved into those 2 marble towers.
skyhigh4 Premium
Enjoyed your post Berny. And yep that was a very sad day. I too cried for days in disbelief. And too helps us to appreciate that even when we are experiencing hard times there are many others worse off. Thanks :) Patti
alexisnilo Premium
On September 11 one way or another changed our perception of life at all, it was appalling to see all the disaster caused by a criminal group of fanatics who not only destroyed magnificent buildings, but ended the lives of many: those who went forever on that day and those who were left with the pain of the irreparable loss.
mgc7477 Premium
Thanks for this post, I would like to bring attention to the war torn counties of the world. There are children in this world who know nothing but war and the horrible underbelly of the worst of humanity. I often hear people complain over the littlest things and I need to remind myself of the places that I have seen and the people that I have met that have been dealt a rotten hand from my point of view, yet these are some of the most hopeful and optimistic people that I have ever met. You see, when you are at rock bottom, it is actually very easy to be optimistic. There is no where to go but up, and when a lot of these people get to a new country, like the US, my country, they are excited and have often left their entire family behind to make a better life for themselves. This is, after all, the American dream, this is the foundation that our country was built on. I feel that many of us have lost site of that. Let's take the time to consider where we are in our lives and consider how lucky we actually are.

I got a little long winded there, apparently this is something I feel strongly about. Thanks for this post Berny.

Michael (mgc7477)
ladydi Premium
Beautiful post, thank you for sharing. I do remember and will never forget that day, burned into my mind it would be. Oh and lots of yes I answered.
tweet76 Premium
Thanks for the very powerful post and link . I think that is one of the most touching songs ever written . I answered yes to many of those questions .
drago1168 Premium
Bernie Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.My heart goes out to those brave men and women and Those who were innocently there and their Families that their lives changed forever. They have ALL become HEROS I cannot remember a more tragic time in US history as well as reminding us that until these people are defeated this will always be around.Those responsible thought that it would instill fear, but instead it instilled courage and united the Christian world and actually many others as well..It also showed those who were responsible for what they really are COWARDS! GOD's in charge of this team and it's never lost.So Bernie thank you for being so far away but so close to us. God bless you!!
Bill67 Premium
My wife was at the World Trade Center the day before with her 2 sisters and my youngest daughter. We live in Utah and She went out to New Jersey to visit her sisters. A truly sad day for all.
Berny W Premium
Thank goodness for your famiy's sake. I am glad you were a day tool late.
Sui_generis Premium
Beautiful song. I'll never forget that day. Our day to day issues are nothing compared to many. We are truly blessed if we stop whining long enough to realize it. Thanks for bringing that up.
Berny W Premium
My apologies Bunn that this made you so upset. That was not my intention. My intention was more to remember what good things we have in life. Same thing I guess, but never the less sorry for the upset my dear.
Starcreator Premium
I like Alan Jacksons music, I have heard that song many times. Most of us that are old enough remember where we were and what we were doing when all that happened. Our so called Creator should have always protected all of us from enemies.
Roger G Premium
Beautiful and touching song Berny. Brings back many memories. Great blog! Really put things in perspective. Thank you for sharing. As the song says the greatest thing is love.
Bunn Premium
I needed a good cry this morning......,memories, oh the horrible memories.....thanks for linking the song, Bernie. One of the most thoughtful pretty songs I've ever heard.
CoachEd Premium
Yep you are so right and I love that song. Have more to be thankful for for sure. This was good reminder Berny, thanks for it.

your Coach Ed
PS I am here if you need me but I know you know that !!!
Berny W Premium
Sure do Ed, and Nana too!
Berny W Premium
Hi Ed - try googling alan jackson "remember when" I tried sending you the link but for some reason I could not send it. Another beautiful song with many meanings.
Berny W Premium
BTW, Had you heard the song Ray?
merryman88 Premium
Thanks for the reminder Berny.

Ray Bowley (merryman88 )