The "HaveToGoToWorkTomorrow" Sickness.

Last Update: September 19, 2019

Have you ever said those words?

It's a problem that everyone seems to have...

To clarify, here is the story: So last night, an old family friend came to town and spent the night by my in-laws house. They got in a little late, around 8pm, so by the time friends and family had arrived, it was well after 9pm.

We all caught up and reminisced about old times for a couple of hours. Then as 11pm loomed, everyone started acting really weird.

Like REALLY weird...

It was like everyone caught some type of illness that was spreading FAST!

That's right, you guessed it, every caught the "HaveToGoToWorkTomorrow" sickness.

Seemingly out of nowhere, everyone started exhibiting the same symptoms. Stress and utter dismay that they 'won't be able to wake up in the morning'.

Literally within minutes, a full house of laughter and joy was barren... empty. All because of the "HaveToGoToWorkTomorrow" sickness.

But what was really weird about the whole thing was that me and my wife looked at each other and realized we did not have that illness... in fact, after everyone left 'because they had to go to work tomorrow', we thought.... "We Don't!"

(SIDENOTE: That said... keep in mind that we still work, in fact, I work everyday. I am just not chained to a rigid schedule working for someone else.)

Now I am not writing all this to brag or flex in anyone's face, but it is a true testament to how much our "jobs" keep us in an uncontrollable routine with ZERO flexibility.

And frankly... that sucks.

When you really add up the costs... a typical 9-5 job is not really 9-5. Think of the time spent in preparation for the 9-5... waking up, getting ready, fighting traffic, looking for parking, 30-60 minute lunches, working past 5 in some cases, fighting traffic home, etc...

All of a sudden, that 8 hours turns in to 10-15 hours. Then only 60% of people get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If you are in that 60%, that leaves only 1 to 4 hours for everything else.

Cleaning, cooking, spending time with children, relaxing, watching a movie, grocery store, gym, travel... How much of that can you do in less than 4 hours?

Look... building your blog and getting it to a point where you can quit your job is a tall order. It isn't easy. I am sure there is some percentage that shows the chances of actually doing it. But honestly, if it was a 1% chance (which it isn't... it's much bigger than that), it would still be worth doing.

Do you suffer from the "HaveToGoToWorkTomorrow" sickness?

If you do, start a business (more specifically a blog), write a few articles and call me in the morning.

There will be growing pains, but when you get to the other side, you can be cured from that infectious illness.


Chris Myles

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ERichardson1 Premium
Good morning my friend, yes indeed it was a time that I suffer from it big time, however, when I started with Wilfred affiliated within six months I was cured, and a big Hallelujah on that. May you have a very successful day.
CamdenB Premium
Working to be in your shoes. Thanks for the inspiration.

To add to your article I feel this same sickness affects people financially as well. I have friends or co-workers say “wish I had the money to do that” or “go on a trip like that”.

I want to tell them...You do have the money you just drive around a $300/month anchor and eat out all the time. The money is there your just not seeing it.
EsmeraldaG1 Premium
That was a good story .

Thank you,

maray07611 Premium
Great !!! 👍
28Freeman Premium
You hit this on the dot. And creating the foundation is the hardest part. But once the foundation is built, no matter the amount of money you made or didn't make, it is all rewarding and you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.