I've been LAZY for 7 days and this happened.

Last Update: July 07, 2019

This won't be a long post, but just wanted you to see the power of recurring income.

WA is an absolutely amazing platform and because it is so great, people tend to stick around once joining.

That is GREAT because many people are building their businesses and having success with it.

I get great pride in knowing that I am helping people:

"I want to thank you for introducing this platform."

"Thank you for inspiring me to start this"

"Thank you. I just joined as a starter and like what I see so far. Scamxposer gives WA high markers!!! That is impressive."

"Hello BenjisDad, I am excited to be here. Thank you for spreading the word about this program. I have created my niche and my site."

See the value in helping people?

It's so rewarding!

But now to the point of this post....

So this July 4th weekend, I have largely used it to chill and not do much work. I still answered emails and did some supplemental training, but largely, I was just kind of lazy.

Overslept most days... hung out with Benji and BenjisMom... went to a couple of parties with friends... saw Spiderman Far From Home... just lazy, doing what I felt like doing.

To be honest, I am kind of guilty for doing it... but a break was definitely needed.

I will be back on the grind on tomorrow, but wanted to share a pretty cool thing that happened in the last 7 days of me being super lazy.

I'm in no way trying to brag or anything, but I wanted to show what could happen when you put the proper systems in place.

While I was eating BBQ... i was getting paid.

While I was at the movies... I was getting paid.

While I was at the park with Benji... I was getting paid.

Get the point?

Now my business has multiple income streams and WA is just one of them... the above image does not include other affiliate income from Amazon or other products, consulting, ads on websites and youtube, course sales, etc....

The screenshot is from only ONE stream of income I have built over time and it has generated me almost $1200 over an American holiday weekend.

Passive Income gets a bad rap online because "guru's" only show you the end result (kind of like I just did, lol). But I'm going to do you one better and let you know that this did not happen overnight.

Let me point out... that I am no one special. Just had a drive to make this work. I had to, for the family.

It has taken months and months to build processes that have my customers find me rather than me going to find them. That is called attraction marketing.

The exact thing that is taught here at WA. So stop reading this post and do something that is going to build your business and move the needle.

WA has carefully laid out the blueprint and you just have to follow it.

The map is there, just get to the proverbial X.

So keep blogging, keep making YouTube videos, JUST KEEP CREATING.

The more you create the more money you will make

Take Control,

Chris M

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FKelso Premium
Your blogs are always good. Thanks for this encouraging post.
BenjisDad Premium
thanks Fran
Robwarneck Premium
So true, lol got to get to creating!
BenjisDad Premium
thanks rob
Wdcope Premium
Glad your weekend was enjoyable Chris. Other than some emails, I have been relaxing for a few days. Even though I am not there yet like yourself, still I understand balance is needed and a brain recharge should be taken to stay fresh.
I took time to read about some areas I will be writing on soon, and also went out to have some family time. Interestingly it became an opportunity to share what I do to a few relatives I hardly see in person or chat with online. that will change this week. In person, networking is hardly used by many online marketers, but it can be very fruitful.
BenjisDad Premium
got that right WIlliam
CoachNestor Premium
Love it...
BenjisDad Premium
nice Nestor!
Joy3 Premium
This is so encouraging
BenjisDad Premium
glad it is helping Joy. There has been some negativity floating around WA today, just trying to liven it up.
I'm new please I need help. How do I start