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Last Update: February 01, 2018

I was thinking, as I was going through some of the older post from members - time management is a huge step in making all of this successful. There are a tone of tools and little software things available, however I wanted to give you a few of my favorite parts.

1 - READING - part of having good time management is being excited about having good time management. Here are a few books I would recommend (no affiliate links - will not abuse this community)

An incredibly inspiring book as to the WHY you are wanting to be successful with WA

And of course...

Just good ole good practices (and a crappy image).


Software for project building, I am a fan of Producteev. It is free or inexpensive, it is collaborative, and it will keep you on track of your goals

Software for task lists, I love Wunderlist - it is a simple write it out, and check it off

But whatever you use (my daily at the office is a piece of paper!), FALL IN LOVE WITH TIME MANAGEMENT!

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Vivian777 Premium
Ha ha ... I've heard the saying, "It's not my monkey" now I know where it comes from. ;)
benandnili Premium
Ha ha. Yep yep!
Danni4 Premium
My go to time management tool is an egg timer. I tend to spend too much time on some things and not enough time on others. So I set the egg timer and when it goes off I need to move on to the next thing.
phoeby123 Premium
Thanks for mentioning, Producteev.
Very helpful.
benandnili Premium
well - you are rocking it my friend!