Your most important asset

Last Update: January 29, 2018

I have studied a lot of success people in internet marketing space. I'm using the term internet marketing in the broadest since which is covering everyone that is making money online. Success in this specific case is making over $100,000/year. A lot of them have things in common, however the common denominator that separates them from those less successful is how they are leveraging their most important asset.

To build some suspense i'm not going to let the cat out of the bag and share what it is just yet. Read on a little if you must know.

The most fascinating thing is that while this is an asset for successful people it is a liability for those not successful. How can this be? Well, I'm not exactly sure why this is, however I do know one thing. Everyone has a choice on how this tool is used.

Once i reveal what this tool is, some may think it odd that I'm calling it a tool or an asset, and if that is you then i strongly suggest you start viewing it as such and act accordingly.

This tool works differently for everyone and some people think that people are born with a better tool than others. If you measure in academic terms this may be true, however everyone's tool has an unlimited capacity. The problem that exists is knowing how to properly use their tool to maximize results. Another problem is that people forget they have this tool and fail to use it. This tool needs to be used as it improves the more you use it.

Using these phrases will damage this tool:

-I cant

-i'm not good at X

-there's no way

Asking this questions will improve this tool:

- how can i?

-What is a better way to do X?

Remember this: Your attitude determines your altitude

What is this tool/asset?

Your mind!

Your thoughts determine your beliefs

Your beliefs determine your feelings

Your feelings determine your actions

You success starts with your thoughts.

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fyrstone Premium
Ok,creativity of thinking about different ideas, I'm an innovator, I hate being stale, movement means growth I feel, thought means ideas, ideas can become possibilities to reality! Life is what you make of it. There is a higher power once we learn how to tap into that, that's why I love copywriting, I blab too much,lolol but that's energy or Him
BarryBullard Premium
TeamIceCream Premium
Profound Barry - thank you!

If we can just always remember that our thoughts determine the outcome - WOW! I'm sure many people know it, but it is so easy to give our thoughts free reign and leave it to wander off into the woods of negativity....

I have a few of Louise Hay's card deck cards where I can see them every day, and I rotate them often. Today's card says: "I dwell on positive thoughts. If good comes into my life and I deny it by saying, "I don't believe it", I literally push my good away."

Thank you for the reminder and confirmation Barry! ;-)

Peace to you!
Chocolate (Sharlee) + Vanilla IceCream
fyrstone Premium
BarryBullard Premium
Jbradford22 Premium
ive always said mind over matter... love the post man
BarryBullard Premium
Belden22 Premium
Thanks for sharing this.

BarryBullard Premium
entirely my pleasure.
MiaL Premium
I love this post. I agree. Can I tell you I have had a bad today. I have been completely unproductive and it is entirely because of the thoughts I woke up with this morning. I haven't let them go yet and it has cost me a day.
I needed to see this right now. Thank you!
fyrstone Premium
Shoot, don't feel bad !I been out of it for a while, I just finished posting videos on my site, then I started another post just running off some content that didn't make sense,lolol
BarryBullard Premium
glad this helped