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November 23, 2018
So i've racked up a lot of community credits as I'm trying to become a certified commentor on site comments. For the longest time i was only using the give and take thread, however i found that difficult to use as sometimes i would miss notifications and be late on returning comments.As you can see from the picture above. I ordered 5 comments and recieved 16! A lot of times you get many more comments than you spend on your credits for requesting.The morale of the story here is to use site com
Getting upvotes is important to have your quora answers get the top answer spot which gets the most views on an answer. Since we have a give and take thread for website comments, i figured why not start one for upvotes on Quora.I just started doing quora about a week ago and i'm getting some hits to my blog with only doing a couple of answers a day.Also, to take part in this thread and to keep the community aspect of it thriving, for every quora answer that you post here requesting upvotes (t
January 29, 2018
I have studied a lot of success people in internet marketing space. I'm using the term internet marketing in the broadest since which is covering everyone that is making money online. Success in this specific case is making over $100,000/year. A lot of them have things in common, however the common denominator that separates them from those less successful is how they are leveraging their most important asset.To build some suspense i'm not going to let the cat out of the bag and share what
January 23, 2018
Hey guys,just wanted to drop a quick note on something that will mean the difference between pushing through to success or quitting. Motivation and blind determination will only carry you so far. Of course some have more of a capacity than others to push through, however there is one thing that will carry you through even the darkest of times.If you haven't already done this, then i suggest you take these steps.Step 1. Why do you want to make money online?While the first answer that comes to
January 21, 2018
Just wanted to share a quick idea my business partner and I are implementing thats starting to generate traffic to WA.We are including our WA affiliate link in our free downloads on the last page as recommended resources. We just started doing this about a week ago so its still a little early in the game.If you don't have a lead magnet just make a top 10 list on something to do in the IM or MMO niche and put it in a PDF.not sure if someone has already shared this idea or not, but wanted to dro
We are so close to launching or crypto currency product. My business partner and I started listing out all the steps we need to accomplish in order to be ready to announce the are some:1. Record videos for sales page, upsell page, and JV page2. Make pages for F/E, upsell, and JV 3. Autoresponder series for lead magnet and buyers4. finish the bonuses for the F/E and the upsellIn addition to that we are going to be making a video opt-in page so people can join our list if they find v
January 18, 2018
Another milestone as I'm on my quest to dethrone Kyle. 93 spots left.having fun and meeting a lot of cool people as well as learning alot!Kyle enjoy #1 spot while you still have it :)
Last night Dan came up with an idea and decided to test it. BackgroundThe premise was that people's favorite topic is themselves. it is common knowledge that one of the most effective communication techniques is to get people to talk about themselves. Even 100% of the conversation is taken up by talking about themselves they will leave the conversation thinking you are the most interesting person in the world. If you don't believe me, try it next time you meet someone new.The idea:Dan finis
January 16, 2018
I know this is not a huge milestone by any means, however it is a momentum milestone in my opinion. My partner and I started out site 17 days ago and we have 10 posts plus a static page with a 1900 word article. 4-5 of the posts have indexed as this point and I'm sure more will be indexing as time goes on.My partner has a crazy obsession with becoming an authority in our first niche. The foundation of his obsession is 100 blog posts (900-1200 words each) on various topics on internet marketi
January 15, 2018
Hey Guys,Just wanted to share a few thoughts that i think will help some people here. I've noticed a lot of people suffer from Content Curation Congestion for numerous reasons. They want it to be perfect, not sure what to write on, believing they can't write or write well.If you are feeling blocked or stuck when it comes to writing your content here are a few steps you can take that will help. Before I dive into these steps at the very beginning take comfort in the fact that your site will h