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Last Update: September 10, 2016

It might seem obvious to the normal person that to have a blog online, even a video blog you will have to write.

For a lot of people, the idea of writing every day or once a week can send twinges of fear to their very core.

Have you ever thought about the reason you don’t write? That thing that keeps you from even starting to move the pencil or type the keys? The reason for your writer's block?

It’s not hard to understand the reason for this. Let me review a couple of reasons that I think people don’t “Just DO IT”. (Insert Personal experience here) :)

1. You have been told that you can not write. This is usually done by someone close to you or a person of authority. The parent or teacher that was always correcting your sentences or spelling. Being repeated told that your no good at something is a good way of convincing yourself that you should not try.

2. You can’t seem to get your thoughts on paper. You stare at a blank screen and it just stays blank. No matter what you do your mind remains blank. Every professional writer has had times when writing was hard and difficult.

3. It must be perfect. This one will kill your ability to write on a regular basis. With this fear, you will never press “Publish”

What if I told you that all these things are not true

1. Your writing is just as good as other who are successful.

2. OK so you have a few writers' block moments, try making some notes, work out an outline, or write out a list, but you must do something.

3. Perfect does not exist. So get the article to the point that you can live with it and publish it.

*** NEWS FLASH *** You can change it later if you don’t like it.

Use spellcheck and some of the other tools that will help you write. I have been working with Grammarly for the last couple weeks (Thank You, WA user WayneStewart for the suggestion)

I'm sure their are more reasons for not writing What are yours?


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