How Being Collaborative & Devoted Will Help You Succeed

Last Update: May 24, 2016

"Don't compete. Collaborate."


There is a common misconception that we humans are at our best when pushed to our limits...when we're stressed by deadlines and competition to be #1.

Think about your state of being when you've been at your best...when you've been your most creative. Was it when you were stressed or was it when you were happy and at peace?

Human potential is at it's best when we are joyful, peaceful & pleasant beings.

It only makes sense, then, that a collaborative process is far more powerful than a competitive process. Working together will bring about peace and clarity. Without the worries of competition lying in front of us, we can see success ahead.

"Mastery of anything does not come without absolute devotion"


Devotion is another dimension of intelligence. Where intelligence wants to conquer the truth, devotion just embraces the truth.

If we learn to embrace our truths while building our online businesses (or in our personal lives), it will be natural for us to become devotees to our mission and what we want to accomplish with our work.

Devotion is love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. Easy to see how absolute devotion to what we're passionate about (hopefully, our niche), can bring about success over time. It's inevitable.

In this, remember, we should be offering advice or help to our readers...give them answers to what they're searching for. Put yourself on the opposite side of the computer your site helpful? Are you offering sound advice on something you believe in? Is your site easy to navigate, without multiple pop ups trying to sell something? Are you passionate about your niche?

By offering solutions to common, every day problems, you'll gain trust from your visitors. They will become loyal followers, coming back to you again and again for more answers. With that, you'll just naturally see conversions. It's inevitable. :)

Be Well!

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JMario Premium
well said
KWilt Premium
I couldn't agree more. Sometimes when the general population is against you and you feel as if things are becoming hopeless. Remember what your passion is and that not everyone will open their minds and embrace what you hold dear. That is where the devotion comes in. Stay to the course, and remember that even the idea of freedom was the minority at one point in time. Try not to conquer the world all at once just help one person see at a time.

Thanks Barb I really liked your post
BarbJaeb Premium
:) thank you!
Tezsie Premium
Hi Barb, so true that stress and deadlines don´t make for good production. It is much easier to focus during peace and quiet.
Thanks for sharing!
Ecowarrior Premium
Thanks Barb, very thought provoking and very true to how we should be engaging with our readers! regards, Lisa
JudeP Premium
As always Barb, you give us valuable insight and make us think - thank you :)
BarbJaeb Premium
thanks, Jude! THIS is why I love inspirational really can apply them to every day life and with what we're all trying to accomplish here. Have a lovely day, my friend!