One Year Anniversary

Last Update: June 02, 2016

My One Year Annaversary

I made it One year , June 9th 2015 is when I joined. WA

I got say that I have learned so much about How to run a business. It isnt just sitting on your duff,

The first thing I did was watch videos from Jay, and Then I started watching the training from Kyle. and Carson.

I then Built me 2 websites and I am still building to this day.

I have switched my daily routeen around

So I can have the time to run this business.

I still work at Holiday Inn Express, So Here is how my routeen goes,

I get up in the morning, Get ready for work.

I then get online and I always up date my sites every morning. While I am at work I am always thinking of what to write about next, and Waiting for the day That I can tell them I QUIT!!

I get Home after work, Clean House, get dinner ready for my Hubby, Feed my cats.

Watch 1 show on tv, Take a shower,Get ready to do it all over again the next day.

I then squeeze a little time before bed to advertise my websites, I do pay for some and I hit all the free places.

I like this University, and I will continue to stay here.

There is More to learn as the internet changes every year. More and More people want a different life and want the Freedom to do what ever they want.

Its hard to keep a online business going some people quit after 6 mths if they dont make any money.

Although I havnt made any money yet, I am not giving up because I know My Freedom is out there somewhere.

For those who are thinking about quiting, All I have to say is Dont do it, Hang in there, Just follow all training and you will get there, I promise.

I will continue my journey here because It is what I like doing.

My websites are # 1 on google and I am getting more viewes everyday.

I did have 3 referrals and Turns out that they didnt sign up for anything, so I lost them. But there are more out there that are looking for a online income.

I just want to say thank you everybody for following me, and I will return the favor.

I like reading everybodys post here.

May your success be a good one.

Cheers, Barb

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Carmenw1 Premium
Congratulations on your one year Anniversary. Continue to be faithful and it will pay off.
BarbieJ Premium
thank you
JonStevens Premium
Congratulations on making it one year, great job!
ricardo1 Premium
Barb, stay disciplined to your routine it seems to be working for you. Over time better things will come your way. This business is a marathon not a sprint. No that success is coming your way.
BarbieJ Premium
Thank you, You always have words of confidence witch keeps us motivating
ricardo1 Premium
Barb, I'm a life coach, I share what's on my heart.
adreyna Premium
Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary! That's such a milestone. Keep up the good work.
stevecox Premium
Good Evening Barb - Congratulations on the one year anniversary. And you are correct that it just takes time and for those of us who work full time, it may take a little longer. But we WILL get there! All the best, Steve
BarbieJ Premium
thank you