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Last Update: April 26, 2016

Traffic? Who likes Traffic?

Getting traffic is one of the most critical steps in your Business.

Getting traffic is an on going task and you must be constantly doing it.

If you have a winning website/ offer/product/ service, That's Great, But if no one is coming to your website you will go out of Business.

Here are some ways you can get traffic for free.

1- Search Engines have always been a major way to get traffic for free.

that is why you need to do your homework and optimize your site so it ranks well for the key words you target.

2- Frequently update the contents of your site, one of the first steps in getting traffic for free is trivial but vital--Get great content and update frequently.

In terms of SEO, {Content Is King}

If your content is good and updated frequently you will not only build a loyal audience of recurring visitors, who will often see what is new, But Search Engines will also Love your site.

3-Use twitter and facebook accounts--

Social network are also a way to get free traffic.

If you are popular on networks such as twitter and facebook, The traffic you get from there can easily surpass the traffic from google and the other search engines.

It is true that building a large network of targeted followers on twitter and supporters on facebook takes alot of time and effort But generally the results are worth it.

4-Use any chance to promote your site for free.

Free promotions is always welcome, so don't neglect it.

There are many ways to promote your site for free and some of the most popular ones include free classified ads, submissions to directories, inclusion in various listings etc:

It is true that not all free ways to promote your site will work well But if you select the right places to promote your site for free, this can also result in tons of traffic.

5-Include your URL in your signature.

Urls in forum signatures are also a way to get free traffic.

There are forums , which get millions of visitors a day and if you are a popular user on such a forum, you can use this to get traffic to your site.

When you post a forum and people like your post, they tend to click the link to your site on your signature to learn more about you.

Getting Traffic for free is a vast topic and it is not possible to list all the ways to do it

However if you know the most important ways and apply properly, It is guaranteed that you will be able to get lots of traffic for free.

I hope this will help you out on how to get free traffic,

There are so many more ways and will save you money.

I will be posting more in my next Blog, so stay focused.

Have A Great Day

Now get posting and updating



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JonStevens Premium
Thanks for this great information!
BarbieJ Premium
your welcome
GiuliaB Premium
Excellent advice barb, nice way to sum it all up. Thank you. Giulia :)
BarbieJ Premium
your welcome
PjGermain Premium
SEO - Best Way! But, takes time.... SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKS! :-)

Just sayin'
JudeP Premium
Thanks Barb, a great share and easy to use info :)
BarbieJ Premium
your most welcome
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank You Barbie for sharing & caring!

Yes, Increasing traffic to our websites is the key to increasing referrals, sales and rankings on the search engines.

Free targeted traffic to our websites is even better and great content is definitely the best but not the only way to accomplish that.

Thank You Barbie,

BarbieJ Premium
you are welcome