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Last Update: August 10, 2016

Marketing W/A

Many people here are having crazy success with this University, By simply advertising it on free marketing channels like Facebook, craigslist , backpage, free classifieds. etc

Although there are infinite ways to promote W/A from the word of mouth to billboards on the moon.

The path you'll choose to promote W/A will depend on your individual level of experience with advertising.

Here are just a few good marketing ideas you could use to start promoting W/A and could be making A Large amount of Money, after you take Action!!!

1-post cards

2-solo ads

3-banner advertising



6- free classifieds

7-rank blog posts and articles in search engines.

8-google plus


10-sales spider

There are thousands of ways to promote wealthy affiliate. But you get the idea.

There is no way shape or form that wealthy affiliate is a scam.

If you haven't guessed by now,

For example, the affiliate program within Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and earn money. You do not need to be a premium member of WA in order to make money in their affiliate program.

This is one of the easiest work from home businesses I have ever come across and I am glad I did. because I have come across many online programs that didn't work and didn't give me the training I needed. and didn't pay as much for referrals.

So My advise to you if you truly want to make money from home, then all you have to do is become a member at wealthy affiliate and take Action.

Then later down the road, become a premium member and earn even more.

The choice is yours.

If you are wondering How long does it take to earn money when you join wealthy affiliate?

That question gets asked so many times.

My answer is, For one You will not make any money if you don't sign up.

2- you will start making money right away if you start following the training

3- It will only take longer to make money if you don]t do any thing about your business.

4-The longer you wait the longer it will take for you to make money.

So if you are serious and want to start a new career and get away from your low paying job, Then Wealthy Affiliate is my Answer.

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Great post, Barbie.
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What is sales spider I haven't heard of that one?
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hi Kevin Sales is a huge community that will let you market any business for free and or pay for marketing it is all up to you. here is my link
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Great info. Thanks
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Fab post :)
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Fantastic Post Barbie !
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