Last Update: May 27, 2016

I quit for tonight. I have worked for HOURS trying to set up an automated email system, first with Get Response and then with Mail Chimp, with no success. I have built two websites, been accepted by several affiliates and google adsense, changed HTML coding, added images, tags, alt, and on and on, but this email stuff has got me whipped.

I try to personalize a download free ebook page in Get Response or build a newsletter template and the text box refuses to let me type text here, and their directions do not match my screen. Frustrated, I went to Mailchimp.

That's when I my email wouldn't go through for verification. Finally, hours later, it did. Success! Then I received HTML code with no idea what to do with it. Took a break to care for house and family.

Back to Get Response, read a bunch of how-to info. Still won't let me add text to anything. And now Mailchimp says it has to verify my website again, and again the email is not going through.

Time to stop and clear my head. This should not be this difficult. So maybe tomorrow i can get back to it, but I have family obligations so it may be a day or two. I pray I've absorbed some key point and it will all be clear to me then. If not, I'll be screaming for HELP!

Have a blessed weekend, Everyone...

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Ultimateless Premium
I am lucky with Mailchimp..I do an email out once a month for a jewellery school and once the content is written I just email to subscribers from a spreadsheet. The website collects the emails. It's a big learning curve with any system...sometimes you have to think how the program writers think in order to understand the software.
BarbaraJP Premium
GlenPalo Premium
I feel your pain. I must have used 6 or 7 different email systems over the years. They all have their quirks. I have used GetResponse on three different occasions and quit each time. AWeber is probably the best, but I have not used them in years.

You will need a WP Plugin that creates forms (Opt-in Box) on your website. I use Magic Action Box plug-in which integrates with AWeber, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and SendReach.

Since I use a different AMS, I copied and pasted the AMS code into the applicable box in the Magic Action Box form settings.

Hope this helps.

BarbaraJP Premium
I have Sumome.
GlenPalo Premium
Does it have the Sumome branding? Or do you have to upgrade?
BarbaraJP Premium
Not sure, yet!
MPollock Premium
Auto responders do this automatic, after you set them up.
I use aweber.
I know a lot of people that like get response to.
PSchrimscher Premium
Sounds like you're getting burnt out so you do need a break dear. I find myself up till 2:00 am or later and it comes to the point I got to back away from it for awhile. It will come to you. There is no deadline. You are the boss now.
halinphilly Premium
Out of all the components there are to internet marketing, I would have to say that setting up an email campaign and autoresponder is the most convoluted process you'll ever encounter. I've been at this internet stuff a long time and I am just now attempting to plow through it. I haven't tried Aweber yet , but i did have some luck sending out a newsletter using MailChimp. But sending out a message or two to a mailing list is easier than setting up an autoresponder to work with your opt-in form. And then there's the campaign itself. You have to write several letters in advance and learn how to drip feed your emails so that they get sent at the proper intervals.

I'll take building a website to that any day. Just keep chipping away at it. We'll both eventually get it done.