Google Only Knows What We Tell It!

Last Update: February 03, 2020

And in this particular instance "we" is all website builders, that's you, me, all WAers and a big chunk of the rest of the world.

The "Google It" Cry

We've all heard it and all said it - "Google it!", because Googles supposedly knows everything and buried in the archives somewhere is the correct answer or answers to whatever you are looking for.

But is it the right answer?

Well I am here to tell you it isn't (always) and maybe even seldom is, but don't blame Google. They're working on; it all the time.

How Google Can Get it Wrong

With all the information at its disposal how can Google get it wrong so often?

Quite easily really because Google does not know everything - it doesn't know everything about basketball, mininture rocket launching, every disease, nutrition, all hobbies, politics, gambling, weapons, flowers, love, history, affiliate marketing, being a single parent etc. etc.

Google relies on algorithms to decide what to put forward and those algorithms, as refined as they are, are reliant on website developers providing valuable information for the searcher.

Valuable information is relevant information that the reader/searcher will find useful and this is partly determined by how long they stay on site.

We're taught all this basic stuff right here.

Outsmarting Google

But here's the thing - if a website developer knows all the tricks (tricks which algorithms try to eradicate or encourage depending on the circumstances) of SEO then ranking is pretty easy.

What that means is page 1 rankings are there to be had for the scrupulous, the innocent and the unethical.

Which one are you?

The one thing WA has taught us from day one (way back in 2005) is to be honest and ethical - it's why WA is still around today (and gettting bigger and stronger) and why so many WAers have seen such phenomenal success.

The trick is not to outsmart Google (or Bing or Yahoo or any of the other search engines) but rather to work with them and help them put forward the best information available.

How I Can Rank #1, Page 1 ... in less than a minute

That's even better than Jay - hope he's reading this! :)

I'm going to be cynical here because I want to prove a point and help those who rightly get excited when they say they are ranked #1 on page 1 for a particular post.

I am usually very happy for these guys - particularly when they have found a great low-hanging keyword and worked hard to get it to the top spot.

But ...

I've seen many many posts where the keyword is so obscure, never asked or used, that you cannot help but rank in #1 spot.

It's these guys I want to help.

Here's a keyword phrase that I am 100% certain will instantly rank in the top spot on page 1 of searches.

Ready? ...

"Left-handed drivers for single-figure lactating mothers who want to hit the ball further"

If you had a golf website and wrote an article with that title do you think your post with the following URL would rank?

https://www.your golf who-want-to-hit-the-ball-further

Golfers are welcome to use it - I am not longer in that niche.

Great ranking - hopeless keyword.

Another example of a bad Keyword that will probably rank if you search for it is

"Google Only Knows What We Tell It!" - the title I used for this post. No-one is going to search that particular phrase.

The Odd Diamond Can be Found.

We are taught here to look for low-hanging fruit within certain parameters, do thorough research (including the competition and what site currently ranks for your keyword). This is the guy you're getting in the ring with and you better have your boxing shoes on.

I've just found one such diamond where the opponent has managed to outsmart Google - but only because it is in the heavyweight division and Google knows no better.

It's in a "Best of" type post with decent enouogh traffic and 41 QSR.
The SEO is all good but the products put forward are not and I suspect the particular market will be quick to realise that.

I think I can rank quite easily for a keyword that is practicle, has over 100 searches and very little competition.

Doing My Bit To Help Google

Time I got cracking, doing my bit to help Google to get the right information into that slot.

It'll be a win/win for all concerned.

Don't you think?

PS This was all part of my "Procrastination Strategy" - do you have yours in place?

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DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.
Darren :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Liked this post, Lawrence!
megawinner Premium
Brilliant message. Grateful for giving us a post like this!
Palatia Premium Plus
Those are all valid points. I think you're right. Just being in the #1 spot on Google doesn't mean everything. Or anything if the page will never be searched for in the first place. Thanks for a great article and for making us think about providing quality information and not trying to break the algorithms of Google.

Bald Eagle Premium
WA have always maintained the cream will rise to the top.
All we can do is keep on keeping on ...
DouglasPlumb Premium
Great post and we all need to remember to have the keywords be worthwhile to our niche. Thank you for all the great info.
Bald Eagle Premium
My pleasure my friend