Almost one year with WA

Last Update: Oct 1, 2014


Next month is my one year with WA and I just wrote a blog on my facebook talking about how much I love October! So I thought I should share my happiness with my WA family!

When I look back these last 11 months at WA I am honestly just so thankful that a platform like this exists! I feel like there is no reason you couldn't succeed if you follow the WA training platform. What I didn't realize is how far behind the curve I am and I need to gain way more patience with myself when it comes to the virtual world! I admire those who just seem to get it!

Absolutely every time I have emailed Kyle or Carson they have returned a thoughtful email; when I have left comments for Eddy Salomon, the reason I joined WA, he always gave a an encouraging response.

I felt so overwhelmed I wanted to quit and wrote a few blogs about the experience, they have since been deleted. People at WA were so quick to help encourage me to not give up. I received PM's of encouragement, people pleading with me to just ask more questions and they would help me get to the root of the issue! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

My niche here at WA is health and wellness and I just found out today that I passed my certification and I am officially a Master Personal Trainer; giving me six areas of expertise: Personal Trainer; Fitness Nutrition; Fitness Exercise Therapy; Senior Fitness; Youth Fitness; Strength and Conditioning

Not only do I run my website, but I also write for my local paper; helping people understand the benefits of daily physical activity and the benefits of eating healthy nutritious food.

More exciting news is that I will be operating another business! I will be finalizing the loan paperwork this upcoming Friday to start my own agriculture business! Yes, I will also run a website for that as well, thanks to WA, more details to follow.

I have found my wings to fly, and to prove that to myself I am going skydiving this Saturday! Here is to the next year and all its craziness!

Recent Comments


Very Well Done I am much in the same boat as you. The summer takes me away allot so I will now have to play catch up.

that's fantastic and you deserve it glad you never gave up all the best

Wow! Sounds like your on the perfect track for success. Congrats and keep up the excellent work.

WOW! Big congratulations! You've accomplished a lot in one short year. Enjoy your skydiving!

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