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December 15, 2014
Over a year ago I became a WA member! I was absolutely fascinated by this idea of working from home developing a niche online and making it work! Read this blog on my one year with WA. Since then I have become a certified Master Personal Trainer and I write for my local newspaper on health and wellness topics; check it out on my website, here! My paying job has now asked me to help them with their facebook page, and then pages...hopefully! I hope to utilize more of the training that WA has to o
October 01, 2014
Next month is my one year with WA and I just wrote a blog on my facebook talking about how much I love October! So I thought I should share my happiness with my WA family! When I look back these last 11 months at WA I am honestly just so thankful that a platform like this exists! I feel like there is no reason you couldn't succeed if you follow the WA training platform. What I didn't realize is how far behind the curve I am and I need to gain way more patience with myself when it comes to the v
Today is a pretty exciting day, I finally have been approved with PeerFly! Obviously WA teaches you how to be successful using affiliate marketing so when you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle it is immensely frustrating! I have had an awful experience in trying to gain approval with companies such as Amazon for my website; which may not be the case with most people here at WA, but I am so thankful that PeerFly is going to give me a chance, so if you have are having issues like I was you c
I am curious if other people at WA pay to be an affiliate. The reason I am asking this question is I am pretty happy paying minimal fees to represent products. I did not have much success belonging to various companies like Amazon, or some others, because they told me I did not have enough content on my website for me to represent them; mind you I made a sale with Amazon within the first three months of having their links on my website, but that still was not good enough to be a member. My nich
My first article on hydrotherapy was published June 7th, it was pretty exciting! My next two articles are on Senior Fitness and Osteoporosis. I am only running one article a month, right now, just to test the water. My website statistics have improved drastically! I am now averaging one visitor a day. I continue to build content and I am working on a page for senior fitness. I have re-read most of my content, and I am thinking of deleting some of the "about me" articles, but I am hesitant becau
May 19, 2014
After immense frustration with the affiliate marketing avenue, I have been extremely stagnant on WA. I was so excited and sure everything would just work out perfectly, naturally it did not work out that way, but I have learned a lot. I tried to do the facebook page and really didn't get anywhere with that and I believe that is something that is pretty openly discussed here at WA. I know that I need to complete my Master Trainer program with ISSA before I will have the time to dedicate to this
April 10, 2014
I posted a blog on here yesterday; excited about my first sale and how excited I was to keep moving forward with this project, unfortunately I just found out that Amazon has rejected me and I am not sure I am going to continue with WA. I would appreciate any feedback and thoughts My website is the following Thanks
January 15, 2014
Two years ago I left a very lucrative career due to stress; when I went searching for a new career, I found myself disappointed with the options. I decided to go back to graduate school and received my Masters in Education, I still found myself lost and searching. I didn’t want to answer to anyone anymore, I wanted to do something that was fun and made sense on a daily basis. I am definitely someone who needs challenge and intellectual stimulation in all parts of my life and I really wante