Slow but steady wins the race!

Last Update: March 14, 2016

The most challenging thing in LIFE it seems!!

I used to hear that all the time from my dad growing up and I used to look at him like all kids look at their parents from time to time. I have realized that as you get older and experience more of life not only do you gain wisdom but also patience!

So here comes the next lesson I learned!!

Nothing worthwhile comes easy! In fact it seems that the more you want something the longer and more difficult it is to attain! That is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in;-)

Sometimes you may fail!

That is perhaps the harshest lesson of all. I think one of the biggest disservice that a parent can do for a child is to always help the child dust him or herself off and get them back on their feet time and time again as they get older. Being a parent myself that goes along with letting the baby cry when they are well fed, diaper is changed, and their are no physical problems. BRUTAL BUT NECESSARY!!

Patience is a virtue!

Ok, I snuck another one in;-) But the point is that in life their are failures and successes, and there are no GET RICH QUICK opportunities, unless you count a relative leaving an enormous sum of money to you(I can only wish).

These guys here at WA put together a pretty logical and rewarding system together that gives you all the tools you need to be successful including all the training, past experience, and network of people to help each other succeed!

My suggestions are:

  1. Build the largest network of people in all the social media groups including facebook, twitter, and this fine community.
  2. Soak up all the training that the community offers, I have been amazed to find just about everything you could ever need, some I have learned in my life around computers and the internet, and some I had no idea and have never heard of.
  3. This has definitely been covered by kyle and carson but always holds true, ask questions, all of us have questions, and that is what the community is for.
  4. Blog to your hearts content, enjoy yourself, soo many people get burned out and give up trying to accomplish success.
  5. Last but not least, take it one day at a time, enjoy the little accomplishments, before you know it you will look back and realize you have made it!!

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Westwaters Premium
Thumbs up on this post Azmod. Being retired I can attest for the change in thought process as you get older & older...Your parents should be proud of what you've been taught and what you have learned.
Warm Regards,
Kathy (Westwaters).
richrivera Premium
Slow but steady it is azmod. Sounds like your dad and mine went to the same school of hard knocks. You've nailed it. Thanks.
PLowrey Premium
Being a senior, I agree with you totally
SimplyT Premium
Slow, steady - just about sums me up. I'm in for the long haul.

...logical and rewarding system - I agree.

AlexEvans Premium
Some very good advice, which will help us achieve a lot. Thank you.
fawlty Premium
I like what you just blogged a lot as I can relate to all of it. Thanks for that.
Regards Fawlty