No "Get Rich Quick" Scam In WA

Last Update: March 30, 2018

How long have I stayed in this community and how far have I progressed? Well, I have been here since last November 2017. I have around 500 followers and on my Certification Training Course 4. I know I can make it this time because I'm so sure of myself and I believe in WA. How much more, I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who are supporting one another. If I need help, all I got to do is make a "distress call" and help will come my way. You can't find it anywhere, it only happens here in WA.

I got the complete training to become successful in my online entrepreneurial dream. It is a holistic approach just like no other and I have no dull moments here, too. Step by step, I am learning the ropes of the trade and beginning to extend help to my fellow WA "students" and what does it feel helping someone? I love it, really. It is my dream to become an ambassador someday.

Here, there are no unsolicited emails that offer applications every now and then, that promised to rake thousands of money for me to get rich quickly. No online garbage and trash that will bloat my email's inbox. Here, is a pure and genuine training, well-proven to make me successful in the future, provided I'll invest my time and follow the tasks as I progress. Success has no shortcut in WA and it will come in time.

My first site in WA, "Filipina Ladies Dating" was activated on January 6, 2018, with one post and two pages, (About Me and Private Policy pages). I told my wife that my first site was live already, I asked her to visit it and I would want to hear some comments from her. She immediately surfed the net and googled my site's URL after which she said my site was nowhere to be found after browsing several pages of dating sites.

I just told her to wait for several days more because Google indexing would take some time or longer. After three days of waiting, (the date was January 9, 2018,), I tried browsing again and was so surprised to see my site was already on the first page of Google and on no. 1 slot, overtaking more than ten pages from its obscure position.

Thinking of another niche, snoring came to my mind that led me to build my "Stop Your Snoring Today," site which was activated on March 13, 2018,. As I expected, three days after it went live, it got indexed and placed on the first page of Google like what happened to my first site. This site is still "empty" since I have just posted one article, including Private Policy and About Me pages.

Was it just a struck of luck for me to have my sites ranked on Google first page? I asked myself. On March 16, 2018, I built my third site in boxing niche. "All World Boxing Champions In The Past and Present", It had only two pages and had no post yet because I was busy to make my first article for that site. I was again stunned to find out my site landed on the Google's first page like what happened to my first and second sites. Even my first article in boxing got indexed three days after I posted it. I'd like to add, all but one of my sites are also on the first pages of Yahoo and Bing.

Until now, all my sites are on the Google first page and as per Google analytic report, traffic is starting to come into my sites. I made some assessments on my progress and it seems I am doing quite well. And all of these things happened because I followed WA training step by step. Choosing the right keyword to be used in writing posts, using "the principle of low hanging fruit" when looking for the right keyword. Here in WA, impossible is always possible. It is the right formula of success for me. There is no shiny objects here because we are the ones who will shine here.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very good online reputation. Google has a lot of respect with WA, the very reason why our sites which were built in WA platform got indexed by Google in no time. This is the way I see it, I hope others have the same thinking about WA like me. Sometimes, I blame myself for not sticking with WA when I first joined in 2008, if not, I could have been another success story in WA which could give inspiration to some people to succeed like me.

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That’s great news
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Always love to hear positive stories about WA.

Tried and true

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Great to hear that WA is not a scam love to hear more stories about WA
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Good to hear all the positive feedback about WA. I want to hear some success stories in the next posts.
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Good to share that... hard work indeed