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How long have I stayed in this community and how far have I progressed? Well, I have been here since last November 2017. I have around 500 followers and on my Certification Training Course 4. I know I can make it this time because I'm so sure of myself and I believe in WA. How much more, I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who are supporting one another. If I need help, all I got to do is make a "distress call" and help will come my way. You can't find it anywhere, it only happens here i
This afternoon, I browsed on the internet again and googled my blog site, I saw my site still sitting on the no.1 & no.2 list on Google's first page! It seems I am slowly moving up and have gone far enough considering I am only at Level 2 training.Following the WA training to the letters paid enough dividends to compensate the efforts I exerted. I am still calling myself a newbie because my first stint with WA was so short- lived one. Even then, I kept my
This is something like disseminating the good news to my fellow WAyers who have just started their online journey on WA platform. We have not made any mistakes when we joined because WA offers the best training that will propel all of us to succeed.By and large, it is an authority and the training really pays and it rules!!!I am just in the middle of the training but I already reaped some fruits of my labor. By the way, I can tell you I am moving slowly because I feel I still have the luxury of
I am barely three days here in WA and have just started my journey. And in the course of my brief stay, so many good things have happened already this early which I have not expected. Here in WA , I see people caring about their colleagues, help is coming when you need it most. People are open and ready to share things unconditionally. The men behind, K & C have been able to establish a culture of camaraderie you will not find in any entities that proliferate in the internet industry.WA h
November 29, 2017
When we grow up and learned the things we did not learn from school, we tell ourselves, "Why I went to school when it was still alright even if i did not study". But as we run our gaze around us, we realize, it is always better to go to school and study because what we learn from school is different from what we learn from the outside.In fact, even if we graduated and got our degrees, we still have to continue studying because it is an unending process. No one becomes a master without diligentl