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This past week I finished up some posts for the second site and am back on the main site. I ran my first ad campaign on the second site and was worried because things seemed to be going slow, but now they are starting to pick up.I also finished course 4 and am very excited to begin on course 5. I was stalled a little with my training because I was working on the other site, but I think that it will be worth it. These next two weeks, I need to put a lot towards writing and researching. I will ha
This past week, I was able to reach my small goals of writing an article and organizing my site. I also created a video for one of my posts which was so much fun (and I think that it will be worth it to help get attention on my second site- we'll see). The past few weeks, I have been worrying a little bit about SEO and how it works. I have been focusing on learning what I can about it and applying it to my posts, but I tend to take things a little too far and it takes something away from my wri
This week I was able to accomplish my goal of writing 2 articles of 1000 words and tracking the time. The first article took me 2.5 hours but the 2nd one took 6. I don't really mind that it took so long- there was a hump that I needed to get over with that one. I created a 2nd site. My first site is an authority site while the 2nd one is more of a micro niche site. There is something very specific that I have been trying to do with my authority site, but I keep getting the feeling that I am mis
This week I still had time issues and fell short of my goals- I only published one article instead of 2. However, after being a bit overwhelmed my energy is back up and I at least feel like I have a better understanding of my time. This past week, I tracked my time using the pomodoro technique. It was pretty eye opening. It took about 2.5 hours to write my article, 1 hour to edit it and add pictures (much longer than I expected), and 30 minutes to post it on social media. Procrastination is an
This past week has been a strange one. I only posted one article but I felt like I was working very hard. Truth is, I have been working hard but not at blogging. Like everyone, I have many responsibilities to take care of in my day to day life. Blogging is also very important to me, though. It has become more and more clear that I need better time management. Since affiliate marketing is so new for me, I don't have a good sense of how long it is going to take me to do everything. Every time I p
September 09, 2017
This week has been so much better than last week. I have had good progress with the blog and have been making it through the level 4 certification course. I have been focusing on facebook, pinterest, and a little bit on twitter. I have been enjoying Facebook much more than I thought that I would. I am using my alias and pretty much started with zero friends. It has been so much fun talking to the different people in groups. I can definitely see how people end up wasting their time on facebook.P
September 03, 2017
This week I did not make any new content on my site. I have been getting used to subbing again and just started a college class this past week so time was short and scheduling has been an issue. I would have been able to produce some content though, if it hadn't been for my mistake.Week 4 was pretty successful. I challenged myself to produce 3 pieces of content within a week and to make the content over 1000 words each. After doing this challenge, I felt a lot better about putting content on my
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This week has been an eventful one. I experienced the full eclipse, packed about 50 meals for starving children, and went to an international festival. That being said, I did not get as much done on my site as I would have liked.One of the first things that I did this week was get rejected by adsense. When I was signing up, I knew that I was confused, but just decided to put the link into one of my pages. Big mistake. My pages need a bit more work and I got rejected for not having enough conten
This week I started to get into course 3: Making Money. I was very excited about putting affiliate links into my content and using ads. One thing that I didn't expect was the natural delay in the process. I am an affiliate now through share a sale, and amazon. Amazon has been the easiest for me to use by far. I have applied to a couple of programs through cj, but got rejected by both. I think that it may be because my site is so new. Yesterday, I wrote my first review. Right now, I am go
August 12, 2017
When I signed up for WA, I was more interested in the learning aspect than the socialization aspect. I'll admit that I did not fully understand the importance of the community. It has really boosted my website. You guys basically got me indexed! :DI also really enjoy looking at everyone's websites. Seeing websites from more experienced people has really opened my eyes to some of the things that you can do. It has been a learning experience in and of itself. Right now, writing is a challenge for