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HI, I'm Ashley, a 19 year old, passionate about learning new things, I will try almost anything once. I am ready to start earning towards my future now and I know it will take time but I know I'll get there.
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MoneyMagnet3 Premium
Hi there. Welcome to WA. My name is Shalisha, and I'd like to personally greet you and let you know that I'm here to help you if you ever need anything. There are 1,000s of members who can help you 24/7. If there's anything I can do for you, PM me, and I'll do my very best to help you.
PMbaluka Premium
Hello there,

Just stopping by to check on you as I welcome you to WA premium community. Hope you are finding everything really exciting so far.

As you take your lessons and begin building your business, don't forget to engage the lovely community we have around for assistance. WA has the best community that has helped me in person countless times and so don't feel stuck in any way. If you have any questions just raise your hand up for help.

Much blessings to you.

jghwebbrand Premium

I want to welcome you to WA’s premium membership. This was a huge decision you made which should help you succeed as a successful online business owner by taking your business to the next level.

I can remember when I went to premium membership back in September, 2009. This was a decision I have never regretted. As a premium member you have access to additional WA resources which are very helpful to your success. I like the weekly live Webinars at 5 PM Pacific by Jay Neill. These weekly webinars have been very helpful to me and my online business.

I want to wish you all the best as you become a very successful online marketer. Please share your success with the WA community.

Best wishes,
andresh Premium
Hello, and welcome to WA; congratulations on going Premium! You've made a great decision, and may awesome things await ahead of you!

There's always going to be a helping hand around here, Wealthy Affiliate's community is really incredible. Feel free to ask any question anytime.

My best wishes to you!

3tripleA Premium
Hi Ashley. Congrats on going premium. Hope you are enjoying climbing your success steps (training). Looking forward to seeing you around the community. Keep smiling. Best wishes
AshleyMJ Premium
Thank you all so much for the encouraging words, not gonna lie this is shaping up to be an expenditure right now but I know it will pay off
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Ashley,
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate premium all the best as you settle in and start creating your online presence, it is an excellent opportunity to create some new outcomes, in a safe environment.
MikeC69 Premium
Congratulations on upgrading to premium!
Your on the fast track! Keep working hard
So we can watch you make your goals !
Best of Success!
YvetteC2 Premium
In reply to your Premium Badge...

Welcome to WA Premium. You have joined a community that is supportive, encouraging and positive. Wishing you all the best.

Kind Regards,
Lev Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
AshleyMJ Premium
My niche is curly hair but , adding the menu to my website is a little confusing I am trying to showcase more than one but the demo view keeps showing only one or the other
Lev Premium
Okay good niche, lots of products you could recommend there so great job so far.

Which theme are you using so I can go in and check. The theme has to allow for two menus. If I'm understanding correctly, you want two different menus at the top of your page?

Try 'Appearance' - 'Menus' - then click the second tab marked 'Manage Location' (tab to the right of 'Edit Menus').

You should see the locations there, like header and footer. That is where there should be a 2nd header option if your theme allows for this.
mystyle Premium
Hy Ashley , Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best for you.. i am impressed by your bio.. learning new things is a great thing. just follow the training and work hard.
AshleyMJ Premium
Thank you, i appreciate it
Darkman Premium
Ashley, it does work but remember YOU have to do work. Dreams without goals or purpose are just dreams. Do the training, ask questions (many questions) and hang in there ( hardest part when it gets rough and it will). Many of us have been hungry and passionate but it is the ones that learn to hunt for the passion that makes money that get fed. Stay Hungry..keep the passion

Good luck
AshleyMJ Premium
thank you so much for the advice, I will remember this when times get rough
AshleyMJ Premium
HI Lev,, Thank you, I am so ready for something that actually works
Lev Premium
No problem Ashley. I'm here to help. Nice to meet you. You're here for all the right reasons and are in the right place, so congratulations on that.

You'll have your own business up and running in no time. Just put your current hobbies & skills to use. I'm in your corner whenever you are uncertain about anything, just a message away. The best thing is knowing you won't ever be alone on this journey. If you need advice, ideas, anything just let me know...

Don't worry about the technology part. You'll be fine. It's kinda intimidating at first but quickly you'll see it becomes second nature. Keep staying active and participate. Being involved in this community does wonders.

Take advantage of asking question to the entire community and to ambassador members, also use Live Chat, you'll get instant answers and guidance on the best way forward. So enjoy the learning process and congratulations on joining...(although you may not realize it yet) it's one of the best decisions of your life.
Lev Premium
Great to have you with us Ashley! I wanted to personally welcome you to our amazing online business community where you're never alone. I will be your mentor and am here to help you with your online ventures. So if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me on my profile page.

First thing is to Set-up Your Profile Page by following this video showing how to add a description & image:
This is a community and folks like to connect to "real people". Members with a filled out profile will get more replies and activity. So before you get started with the lessons, you should set-up your profile by uploading a photo and write a little bio about yourself, your history and some of the goals you wish to accomplish by joining.

I'm sure that you'll find the energy here contagious. Stay active and participate and you'll go far. If you can integrate WA into your lifestyle, it will change your life. It has for me and thousands here.

Just take your time and go through the lessons and trust me, by staying here you will reach your goal of working from home. If you want to get ideas or advice I'm just a message away or you can reply here. You can also post a question to the community or use the 24/7 live chat and experienced members will get back to you almost instantly. Try it out!

Okay! So go and enjoy the lessons and creating your online business. I wish you the best. Take care.