My WA journey - The Beginning

Last Update: August 19, 2014

After having hesitated over this for a while, and read other people's blogs, I have decided I would write my own "WA diary". I feel that it will help me focus more, be consistent in my efforts and also, for me, it's the opportunity to see for myself what it it to write posts on a regular basis! :)
I am not used to writing daily posts, so this is more of an experiment for me than anything else.

So, I have joined WA on august, 4th (2014), after having stumbled on it by chance. I have been doing personal development for a year and a half, and I have discovered a lot of amazing teachers (here are some of them: Jim Rohn, T Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins, and more on the financial side of the spectrum, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki), and many many different ways to live your life differently than what I had done so far, i.e. what the norm expects us to do (go to school, graduate, get a job, work 9-5 even though you don't like it, retire old and poor). I graduated from my French chemical engineering school in 2013 (yes, very recently!), and after hesitating on which country I should start my life in (my husband is Brazilian, so we started it in Brazil, but then came back to France), I ended up looking for a job - and getting hired - in France.
But then reality caught up with me, as the company I was working in turned out to be in financial trouble. They laid me off after a little bit more than 3 months, and that's when I started thinking about doing something else with my life. I felt (and still feel) highly unattracted to looking for a job in my field, and a lot more attracted to starting new experiments.

This is were WA came in! I was really interested in what I saw the first time I arrived on WA's website, and I decided to sign up.
I then went on to set up my account and start my journey.
Over the first week, I completed the Getting Started Course - Level 1 and started and launched my first website. My goal was to try out WA, and see if it was for me, before I could consider going Premium.
Over the second week, I worked much less on my website and with WA overall. I felt a bit discouraged as I had doubts on my niche, and the way I wanted my website to go. I also hit a wall writing my first post. I found it hard to do, and not very natural. I started having doubts about my ability to keep up with WA, and the very reasons why I had joined.

At the same time, my husband started a small business, and asked me if I wanted to join. I thought about it for a while, and decided that I was going to stop looking for a job, and work on online businesses full-time (WA and our business). So I accepted his offer, and we started working together.

NOW, as I continue working with him part-time, I want to come back to WA, and take it as seriously as I can (by experience, when I want to, I can be VERY VERY VERY serious about something :) ). To me, this means going Premium, at least for a month, so I can see how far I can go being a Premium member. Also, since there will be money involved, I need to make sure I am 100% (wait no, make that 150% !) serious about it, so my investment is not wasted.

Therefore, I am hereby committing to taking the time and putting in the efforts to make this work! And all of you are my witnesses!

To our success!

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atlanticus Premium
Once you go premium, you will never look back. Go for it, you won't be sorry.
dhayman Premium
Congrats to you. Welcome to WA.
tomtitty006 Premium
Well done with your first post,keep them coming.
MisterWailor Premium
I wish you success.
soulful Premium
Nice to make a commitment. Fred