6 Months at WA - Lessons Learned - Lesson 2

Last Update: March 26, 2017

Yesterday I promised to write a series of advice based on my moderate success during the fist 6 months at WA. My first advice was Write from the heart:


Today I want to talk about building the website.

Lesson 2 - Take Your Time With Your Website

Look I know it's fun, you want to get going, create your website as soon as possible, after all they promise you it can be done in 30 seconds...Sorry people, nobody created a successful website in 30 seconds!

Yes, it is necessary to follow the training, but there are some sections about getting started that I strongly disagree with. I personally think the training rushes you. It tells you not to pay almost attention to your website look and feel, instead just start writing. Even Kyle states in his training that you should just pick as simple template as possible and not spend any time customising it.

Well, if you are in business for promoting WA or some other affiliate program that might be fine, but for almost anything else, looks DO matter, people. They matter for your return customer base. OK, so if you want to be a bus stop where people spend few minutes on their way to somewhere else, click on some commercials and be on their merry way to an other website, fine. Keep the boring website look. You will need a lot of traffic to make this work.

But if you want people to come back and enjoy your content, trust your recommendations and buy the products you promote, you have to make them feel at home. That means inviting, exciting and different. So think twice about the impression you want to make and take your time making sure your website reflects YOU and the impressions YOU want to make. You, not anyone else.

Do not let anyone rush you in order to move on with the training or make you believe a good design is unimportant! You have time to write during the months and years to come. Take your time making sure the impression of your website gives makes the customer want to read what you have to say and then return for more.

Take Your Time With Your Website

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WilliamBH Premium
Thanks Hanna .. Cheers, William.
AGOgden Premium
Good lessons are everywhere within WA...this is just another example of it...thanks, Mira...
RHBarlow Premium
Mira or Hanna,
Good advice.
FTurner8032 Premium
Excellent advice Mira. Your are also correct. It is easy to get consumed by the need to get something up and running, to publish just enough to get indexed and not spend the time and effort required to make a really good experience for the customer.

Thanks for posting. Looking forward to seeing more.
Keldyn Premium
I totally agree with you here.