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Last Update: December 10, 2017

There have been several blog posts here at Wealthy Affiliate today that I have given lengthy responses to. I suppose that they each could have been made into blog posts of their own. There are a couple that I want to touch on here.

One dealt with your perspective on things, seeing the positives instead of the negative. The other mentioned "fretting" over things. It all has to do with making progress and how you measure progress.

This last week I didn't get much content written. I know...we should all strive to write three posts to our websites each week. I have yet to manage that. But I DO make at least one 1000+ word post each week. It is consistent. It's progress. I don't let myself fret over it. What I did do this past week is to further monetize my site and learn a heck of a lot more about SEO. I even put the SEO strategies I learned into practice. Progress.

"Fret" is just another term for "stress." We should all run from stress for many reasons. Stress is hard on your body. It is hard on your attitude. It is hard on your peace of mind. And it will also make you stupid. (Yes, I used the "S" word.)

When you are stressed, you make more mistakes. At least I do. You get behind on other things because you have to go back and correct those mistakes, or worse yet, you don't stop to see if you made mistakes. Think of how that relates to your blog.

You realize that you aren't going to reach a goal in time, say for the amount of content you write in a week. Then you hurry your self up and try to pound out content at a faster pace. You make typos. You confuse the research. You misquote someone. In your frenzied state you hurry to publish what you have written. You pat yourself on the back for having met your goal and you knock off for the weekend.

At some point in the future, you take a second look at the content you published. Now you have to go back and fix those errors. Now you are getting behind on this week's goal and the process starts all over again. And what have you learned?


What you should have done in the first place was to go back an re-evaluate your original goal. You go back and ask yourself, was it a practical goal given my current situation. What did I accomplish towards this goal? How can I accomplish this goal going forward. Let's look at my week:

  • I publish lengthy, well researched review
  • I researched material that will result in three other articles
  • I realized after reading several blog posts that I needed to check if my articles (not just my site) have indexed with Google.
  • I did three Live Video Training Replays (by Jay)
  • I read related blog posts
  • I implemented what I learned
  • All my content now ranks on the first page of Google for their keywords
  • I did two blog posts at WA
  • I am now ranked #34 at WA
  • I maintained my interaction with the community
  • I kept up with the research coming out this week in my niche (there were at least 4 press releases that came out every weekday on this)
There was a lot of positives in that. Did you notice? I made a whole lot of progress that I didn't even know I needed to make. If I hadn't looked into SEO optimization, it wouldn't matter if I wrote 3 articles a day because they weren't being ranked. Without being ranked, they wouldn't get any traffic. I would be getting nowhere where the big goal of making money is concerned.

I could look at the goal of writing three pieces of content and let myself fret over it, but I didn't. I looked at the bigger picture and I readjusted the goal. I didn't stress over any of it.

I didn't stress over finding our my content wasn't ranking. Why? Because I knew the resources were available to learn how to rank. That's one of the great thing about being at Wealthy Affiliate. We have the resources to overcome any shortcomings we find.

On to another subject.....

You may not see me active on here for a few days. I have my IVIg infusion tomorrow. You might remember that the doctor increased it by 40% last time. It kicked my butt before then, and I expect it will again this time. I do plan to talk to the doctor beforehand to see if there is anything he can give me to counteract the rejection reaction I get. Fingers crossed he can. he hasn't failed me yet.

So, until we meet again, keep writing, keep learning, keep setting goals and don't stress over it! You will get there. I have a neighbor who has been doing this successfully for 12+ years and her family is now living debt free. I know this works!

God bless you all!

Anita Liberatore

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brichnow21 Premium
Anita, you're killing, it!!
I, too, find I write, really longs comments, too...
But, that's what we do!!
I, love the list that God, let's us do!!
Plan A/Mine...PlanB/God's!
I,did, so many different, kinds of things...planted, seeds...research, made some decisions...read, wrote, cooked a potroast...That, was super!! Really, tender!!
EandMs Premium
Amen sister! Keep up the great work!

Hope everything goes well the next couple of days, I'll be praying for you!

slibby61 Premium
Thank you for the advice and inspiration! Good luck at your doctor appointment, hope all goes well.
CarolMeador Premium
Great article, Anita! You certainly did make a lot of progress! I have been working behind the scenes as well this week. Have completed a couple lessons on the certification course, which have given me a lot of good information that I have been needing. Also gave my first two website reviews and had one of my pages reviewed.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your infusion. Will be praying for your body to treat you more kindly with this infusion! You are an awesome person and an inspiration to me.

MKearns Premium
Good luck with the doctor Anita,. Be well and hurry back!
brichnow21 Premium
Prayers, Girliee!
Armlemt Premium
Thanks, Mike! I'm here and so far, so good. They signed me into the internet so I can work for while I'm here. (Until I feel bad, at least.)
Armlemt Premium
Thanks Barb!
brichnow21 Premium
Awesome!!! You, go, girl!!
Can't do anything, about the treatment, Anita...Acceptance!
but...Type, away!
Armlemt Premium
I know. It is what it is. At least there is a treatment!
brichnow21 Premium
Smile! Wink!