I am seeing money come in, and YOU can too, 3 steps

Last Update: Jan 7, 2018


Yes, I am now a professional Affiliate Marketer. And for the record I am now a professional Published Writer. Woohoo! And so are you! Yes, you!

Say it out loud, and know it..we are ALL professional published writers. When we see that, feel that, take it on, our business can now flourish.

Want to know why? Because we made the decision our business is our professional business. We name it and claim it.

We have stepped into our own voice and capability. And that is the key.

For so many of us the question has been how do we see the money flow, and how long will it take?

Believe it will happen!
This is our number one priority. I made up my mind that no matter what, I was going to make this happen and be successful. I have committed to this and I have a sign above my desk that says:


And I have to tell you, that reminder and affirmation, really speaks to me. It says I am standing up for me, I will not disappoint myself. That is powerful, can you feel it?

Our Flow:

Our flow is equal to our effort. Have a schedule, stick to it. Nothing will happen if I do nothing. Everything will start falling into place step by step just doing the steps! It is truly that simple. Find your flow, get on your raft and let it go!

How long it takes

It takes more patience and then even more patience, oh then more patience,grin.Oh and may I say even more patience? The question is not how long actually, the question is what am I doing to make this happen? If you can answer that, you are on your way.

So sit down and write what you are willing to do. And then post it where you can see it every day. And follow it to the letter.

Be prepared that it can take one year to be making $500.00 - $1000 per month. And that is perfect timing, because we have so much to do and learn during that time. This is our incubating time.

If the seed is not given nurturance it will never sprout. So give your business sprouting love and time! And feed yourself while you are at it..read, learn, meditate, love your self.

How much:

When it starts to come in, it becomes its own exponential growth pattern. It is the effect of dominoes. As one touches another touches, and so on..Except we are not falling, we are growing and expanding. And each expansion leads to yet another post that speaks to one person.

And that one person decides to take action and then you have a sale!

That is the formula, it is us, content and the reader. So just one person will make the difference in our business on a daily basis. Be prepared to build connections and relate with your heart. We are not looking for a thousand visitors, all we need is 1!

So after 4. 5 months..this is my income from last month. Is it huge, and indeed priceless, well, at least to me it is.

You want to know why?

Because it proved to me that THIS WORKS! And that is all we need to know.

So just Believe and Do . And then, guess what? Repeat!


My first sale was...drum roll please..$2.38 from Amazon.

I did some guest posts and was paid $60.00

I accepted some paid affiliate posts and received $52.00

Total: 114.38

I cannot yet book that flight to Hawaii, but I can truly see getting on that plane now.

And that is food money. That I did not have the month before.

Is that enough to get excited about for me? Oh yes yes yes.. I am doing my happy dance!

What do we need to make this happen:

1.Believe and Do!

2. Every day is focused on learning more

3. Treat our business as a professional way of life.

Tell me..what are you going to do today to make a connection and a sale?

I want to hear those comments..because they will inspire me too!

In peace, and and loads of excitement.. and always gratitude,

Oh and in case I do not say it enough.. THANK YOU for all your wishes and kindnesses and support and love. It is beyond inspiring. And means the world to me! WA ROCKS!

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Great job! Step by step is all it takes! I love your "can do attitude."


Time is my biggest challenge. Thank you for inspiring me to keep taking steps forward. As long as I keep moving I will get there even if it takes a little longer than I want it to.

You should give motivational speaking a try. Thanks, I needed this!!

This is great insight. Thanks for sharing!

Faith without patience is not faith at all. Great going all the best.

Your setting a good example. Well done you!


Awesome post, as always, Ariel! Your belief, commitment and work flow have most definitely paid off.
Your first $100+ month in only 4 or 5 months? In my book that's SPEEDY. And testament to what a brilliant writer you are. And how dedicated you are to the success of your online business.


Good for you! Party time!

I remember getting paid for my wiriting for the first time a few months ago, and I had the same reaction... I went to Facebook and changed my occupation to "Writer" or "Professional Blogger"... something like that. The name doesn't matter too much, but the feeling was AMAZING.

I am SO happy for you!

And just think... that's only going to grow!

Woot woot awesome work Ariel! Congratulations on your first $100/month. The only way is up now...you'll soon have your first $500/month, then $1,000/month...and sky is the limit! ;)

So happy for you...and proud of you...you're the perfect example that diligent work and commitment does pay off! ;)

Put yourself out there, make it happen and shine someone's reality!

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