Wealthy affiliate is much cheaper than college!

Last Update: December 12, 2016

No one needs to complain about the price of THIS high level education and training that we are getting at Wealthy Affiliate!

My third child just came home for Christmas break from her third semester of college yesterday afternoon, and LUCKILY she has a full ride, so WE as her parents do NOT have to PAY $33,000 PER YEAR for her college education at her private school she is attending. And THAT got me thinking about the COST of the EDUCATION at Wealthy Affiliate..... It's ALMOST ZERO compared to $33,000 for a YEAR of a private college degree, and THEN my daughter ISN'T guaranteed an ACTUAL JOB after she graduates!! But when WE graduate from the training and certification from WA, then we WILL have an income rolling in and we DON'T have to pay $132K for COLLEGE!!!

If you have paid for the YEARLY price tag and saved hundreds of dollars over the year, GREAT JOB! It is MUCH cheaper than COLLEGE!

If you pay, like I do, the monthly payment of $47.00, GREAT JOB! It is MUCH cheaper than COLLEGE!

AND FOR THOSE JUST STARTING OUT WITH W. A., scrape whatever you can scrape together to PAY the small monthly payment of $47.00 a month, and learn and EARN at the same time!! Feel proud of the EDUCATION you ARE getting here at Wealthy Affiliate!!!

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MarseanM Premium
Thanks for sharing
jtaienao Premium
Very good point you bring up here. Learning while earning. Can't get much better.

apbridges60 Premium
Thank you ladies!!
kasage00 Premium
Good advice!
reanna1 Premium
Well said, Amanda!