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February 23, 2017
SOOOOOO, I was just looking at my profile here at WA, and saw that I had gotten a feedback comment on my site, and thought "OK great - maybe the ban on getting more feedback or comments on my site has been lifted..."And when I read the first sentence of the person's feedback, and she said:"The first post on your page says HaCKeD BY........ "And THEN the nice person said, "AND when you have an article ABOUT CIALIS...."I said to myself "WHAT??????? Cialis article on MY
Another year has gone by - and I am thankful that all of my family and friends lived through another year with me - so I am PRAYERFUL that everyone at WA has a fun time with their families and loved ones tomorrow on Christmas Day, because I'm having fun at my home with MY family and friends RIGHT THIS SECOND, and I am very thankful to God for all of my blessings this year ----SO - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!
No one needs to complain about the price of THIS high level education and training that we are getting at Wealthy Affiliate! My third child just came home for Christmas break from her third semester of college yesterday afternoon, and LUCKILY she has a full ride, so WE as her parents do NOT have to PAY $33,000 PER YEAR for her college education at her private school she is attending. And THAT got me thinking about the COST of the EDUCATION at Wealthy Affiliate..... It's ALMOST ZERO compared to
OK - this wraps up Level TWO Lesson TEN to write about my successes so far at Wealthy Affiliate...... Success #1 - Completed Level One AND moved on to Level Two....Success #2 - Last week, I reached 1000 followers on my profile, which was cool to watch my light blue little square change over into "1K" and not in the hundreds digits any more - now it's up to "1.1K" in my box.....Success #3 - TODAY I have now created my LAST LESSON FOR LEVEL 2's assignment - a success blog post......Success #4 - M
October 20, 2016
On Monday afternoon (I believe!) I began my "part-time job" of working on my website,, and I saw that I had 997 followers, and so I clicked on the new members who were going through the training that I was going BACK through, when I saw their green 'FOLLOW ME' buttons, and I was PRAYERFUL that I would be able to kick over into the 1000 mark that afternoon, and i SAW IT HAPPEN - my "997" at the top of my profile page clicked over into "1K" !!!! Whoo Hoo!! YAY ME
October 10, 2016
I told the WA community support system that I would type something on Monday if we had survived through the hurricane that tore through the Caribbean Islands, and up the coast of Florida, then Georgia, and made landfall just 114 miles away from my home in South Carolina, so we got about 70-90 mile an hour winds throughout the evening of Friday Oct. 7, until the noon time hour on Saturday Oct. 8.......ONLY 4 trees fell on our property, our house was safe, our cars were safe and our children and
UPDATE on March 21st 2017 FROM MY OCTOBER 2016 BLOG POSTSTILL GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ---- one tiny step that I do here at WA leads me to learn 3 more things or sign up for another affiliate program, but that leads me to sign up for something else, then I have to download something to be a part of that affiliate program or whatever, and now I have forgotten what I started doing, - posting once a week AT LEAST on my website here at WA, but now I feel more CONFUSED than ever!!And more afraid o
October 04, 2016
So - here is the latest from the eastern seaboard of the United States - Here in the lowcountry of South Carolina - near Hilton Head Island / Beaufort / Charleston - the governor has issued an emergency evacuation of the residents in those areas, and the schools in our county of Hampton will be used as shelters for those residents and hospitalized people or nursing home people....... SOOOOOOOOOOOTHAT MEANS I can work on my WEALTHY AFFILIATE training tomorrow AND have a little "hurricane" vacati
September 20, 2016
Hello, WA! I did not realize that that last post I made on August 8th, about not having to start school again this year because I'm retired, would BE the last post in 6 weeks...... But my day job has been extremely busy for me (which pays the bills for me right now), and I have REALLY neglected my WA training and expanding my website: I have to get back in the habit of working on my training / communicating with other WA learners / adding to my website / ad
No, I haven't had my first sale, or my first referral who went premium on WA - but it is a celebration time for me, because this is the FIFTH YEAR that I have NOT had to begin school today, with all of the "beginning of this awesome school year" hoopla meetings, and the pale / happy / sad / pensive looks on the faces of the other teachers or other employees in the cafeteria at my former school where I worked for 25 years -----So I"M CELEBRATING that God has let me see FOUR COMPLETE YEARS OF RET