SEOptimization Tips-5 : 10 Surprising SEO Facts

Last Update: November 19, 2020

Did You Think SEO Was That Simple?

Search Engine Optimization is a difficult subject that has many an Internet marketer worried. Our rankings depend on successful SEO, after all.

But there are probably some things about SEO that even seasoned marketers do not really know.

10 Surprising Facts About SEO That I Bet You Weren't Sure Of

Here is a list of some facts that, surprisingly, most of us are unaware about, but which are actually true:

  • Only 2 of the Top 10 Most Popular Sites Are Content Sites. So maybe usefulness matters more than just content
  • Not All Search Engines Use Links as a Ranking Factor; Yandex for example
  • Object Recognition in Images is a Strong Ranking Signal. Always add relevant images only.
  • Rich Snippets Have No Direct Impact on Your Rankings
  • Google Has Search Evaluators to Determine the Quality of Results. Yes, humans to check for relevancy.
  • A Video on Your Homepage Will Double the Chances to Show up on Page 1 of Google
  • Travel Time Is a Metric for Google’s Ranking. It means if you are looking for a plumber, then Google will show you local results ahead of best results.
  • Google Ranks Events Based upon Popularity. This will help users choose the most interesting event when multiple events take place at the same time, in the same region
  • Duplicate Content Won’t Get You Penalized. Conversely, unique content will, however, always get you credit.
  • Top Ranking Positions Have Significantly More Facebook Activity. Social signals are a ranking factor.

  • 10 Shocking Facts About SEO That Are Actually Myths

    Here is a list of some facts, that most of us think are true, but which are actually false:

    • Myth 1: Google Values Backlinks from All High Authority Domains
    • Myth 2: Google Uses Page Speed as a Major Ranking Signal
    • Myth 3: Google Penalizes Duplicate Content
    • Myth 4: Google Respects the Canonical URL as the Preferred Version for Indexing
    • Myth 5: Fred Was an Algorithm Update Related to Link Quality
    • Myth 6: Crawl Budget Isn’t an Issue
    • Myth 7: Use the Disavow File to Maintain a Site’s Link Profile
    • Myth 8: Google’s Sandbox Applies a Filter When Indexing New Sites
    • Myth 9: Google Has 3 Top Ranking Factors
    • Myth 10: Quality Updates Result in Algorithmic Penalties

    Sometimes Confusing

    The more you get into SEO, the more confusing it seems to get. But what does stand the test is unique, good content. Nothing to beat the old adage:

    "Content is king"

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    Ahimbe Premium
    These SEO facts have value to me; a guide to help me rank better. Thank you for sharing this information.
    Aparna155 Premium
    You're welcome
    Calvinator63 Premium
    Hi Aparna,

    Thanks for such an informative post.

    Would you mind sharing your resources for both lists, because I don't particularly agree with them. I know just because I don't agree with them it does, by no means, say that they are wrong. I just want to know, for my own personal reasons, for sure either way.

    So I would like the opportunity to view the information you used to create this post sort of like: hearing it from the horse's mouth myself.

    Aparna155 Premium
    Sure Calvin. Sending it to u.
    Jenny28 Premium
    Thanks for this information Aparna. I keep learning stuff.
    Aparna155 Premium
    Welcome Jenny
    Warly10 Premium
    Hi Aparna, as usual great SEO article...

    You are totally right about this Myth: "Google uses page speed as a major ranking signal"

    I've seen many posts ranked #1 on Google, and they were very slow... I was even wondering how the heck were they able to be #1 with such a slow page...
    Aparna155 Premium
    Google happily indexes pages that take up to 3 minutes to load.
    But we lose traffic because the visitor is not as patient as Google. So after 3-4 seconds, there are huge drops in visitors, as people move on.
    RoseLee2020 Premium
    Thank you for another SEO heads up Aparna! I'm getting SEO smart by the day through your posts!~^

    Best Regards,
    Rose 💕
    Aparna155 Premium
    Thank u Rose