Your limiting beliefs could be Holding You Back from Online Success?

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Do you ever feel like something is stopping or holding you back from being successful online?

The reason for this is within your head, more like the part of the brain’s thinking known as "limiting beliefs."

These are thoughts in your head that can make it hard for you to reach your goals.

The problem is if you don’t take action to overcome these limiting beliefs they will continue to hold you back. not only in business but also in life itself.

So what are these thoughts and how you can overcome them to find success online?

Defenses of the Brain.

Your brain functions in many ways, and one of the ways that it acts as a defense mechanism to protect you.

This is part of life since the dawn of humankind.

Think cavemen and the dinosaurs.

The caveman steps outside and spots a dinosaur. Alarm bells in his head start ringing, triggering his brain's defense mechanisms.

He hopes they kick in quickly as he speaks. “Hey this is not a good time to be seen by this vicious animal that will have you for breakfast best to hide or getaway.

The brain has developed defenses to protect against potential threats and challenges. These defenses continue to evolve over time.

Now in modern times you gain wisdom from family, school, friends, and work throughout your life.

Later, when a challenge arises, the brain will quietly and cautiously say, "Hey, don't do this. It's too much work or too difficult." It may even suggest getting someone else to do it. As the brain becomes more active, it may give you examples, mostly indirectly.

These examples remind you of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can become limiting beliefs in life.

Here are some you may even be familiar with now or in the past.

You can’t

You will failure

You are not good enough

This is out of your league give up now

You are not smart enough

Then it may get more personal and twist one word around.

I can’t

I will fail if I try

I am not good enough

I am too old to learn

I suck at this

The brain tries to protect you from life's teachings.

Then it becomes harsher with its words to make you believe you're actively thinking about this idea and not just having a random thought.

Limiting beliefs become walls

The beliefs you form during your life can become barriers that stop you from making progress.

These barriers keep appearing whenever you try, and for many people, they become permanent obstacles that lead to failure.

They become the shackles to your feet to prevent you from taking too many steps forward.

The brain uses this defense which is a basic defense mechanism of life.

Your mind creates them to protect you from things like failing or being judged. But sometimes, these beliefs become too strong and stop you from doing your best.

But, that doesn’t mean it has to have the final say in what you want to do.

Time to undo those shackles and bring down the wall.

You should start listening to the words you hear in your life, like the ones I mentioned above. And you might hear more in other ways.

Also, pay attention to what you do. If there are things you avoid or are afraid of, your beliefs might be getting in the way.

What is my brain trying to say to me?

Your actions show what you believe.

Are there tasks you always avoid?

Do some things make you scared?

Finding these patterns can help you understand what beliefs are holding you back.

Common patterns:

If you face the same problems a lot, it could be because of limiting beliefs.

Notice the challenges you always meet. Once you know them, you can work on changing your thoughts about them.

Putting Pen to Paper:


This is the best way to understand many areas of such beliefs.

Use a pen and paper to write instead of typing on a computer or a mobile. The old-fashioned way still exists.

Here are some ideas and steps to take

Create a journal

A simple way to deal with limiting beliefs is to write them down.

Make a journal and write every negative thought without getting upset.

Remember actual pen and actual paper only.

This helps you see these thoughts clearly, and knowing them can be the first step to making a big change.

Taking Charge:

This is where you start to rewire your belief system

To get rid of limiting beliefs, you need to accept them and take control.

Remember, you made these beliefs, so you have the power to change them.

This is the first step toward thinking in a way that helps you succeed.

Final thoughts:

Take notice of what your brain is trying to tell you.

Write down all the limiting beliefs you face and also write down what you were doing at the time of such thoughts.

Acknowledge the thoughts and let them go. Don't hold onto them. Give thanks and release them from your mind.

Understand why these limiting beliefs are given.

Take note of them and make the necessary changes to move forward.

When you make these changes, the shackles are released.

You can move forward beyond your wildest dreams.


These shackles don't actually exist. You created them to give your mind added strength in trying to control your life.

Remember it is your life you are leading and living not the brain they are your helpers and guidance.

You are the boss of your life so take change and move forward and become the success you were meant to be.

It's time for you to change. Create a new story. Go beyond what your limiting beliefs imagined.

The old standard of life, lives in the brains thinking, and needs to be left behind.

So be free of the restrictions and your limiting beliefs, let yourself known to the world, and become successful in life in all you do.

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Hello Andre! My goodness you sound so much like Dr. Joe Dispenza, an awesome teacher! He and many others advise us to become, as you have suggested, conscious of our thought patterns. Once you become aware, or mindful as some say, of those limiting patterns, you can change them as you recognize. Louise Hay comes to mind as one who espouses positive affirmations...'Yes I Can' "I Can Do It"...repeated over and over those affirmations become the fabric of what you believe and it is the door to liberation.

Thank you for this post. It is timely. We can change the trajectory of our lives. As you have pointed out one must go within to discover what that wall is. Once you're aware it's time to repair! Have a wonderful day!


Wow thanks Grant wish I had his income as well ha.
I use to do a lot of spiritual work in my days in many fields so always look up to some of the great names you mentioned and more. Lousie Hay is awesome along with Dr Wayne Dyer who I also looked up to.

So yea been thinking of going back to some roots in that area as well not all some.

All that is said always I come back to Dr Wayne Dyer
When you change the way you look at things the things you look at will change.

This falls very well in what has been said and more.

Wishing you are great day and enjoy the rest of your week ahead.

Andre OH and Joe is my middle name LOL

No surprise to me! :D

Thanks enjoy your day it's 1.15 pm here so few things to tidy up on and will head off to bed soon.

Good morning Andre,

Thank you for another excellent and thought-provoking blog post, as usual!

I think many times in life, we are genuinely the actual problem, so many thoughts, as you rightly mention can go through our head! Sometimes we just have to go for it and forget everything!

I follow a successful YouTube channel, which also teaches YouTube! One of the favourite sayings of the channel's owner is "Just press record"! This is so true, sometimes we just have to do it, even if we don't feel like we are good enough, practice makes perfect!

On another note, Andre, I noticed that you have been here almost 10 years, well done for running the race! I have just entered nine complete years in November, I don't know where the time has gone!

Have a great day.


Thanks Roy appreciated. Yes we may need to just press record but the part that will make it uncomfortable is what you stated we don't feel like it because we feel "we are not good enough" that is the part that needs to be fixed once and for all the thoughts of we are not good enough.

Sure it can be uncomfortable at the start but the more positive we stay and as I said in the post we need to find out why we don't feel good enough.

Once done we can move forward and feel better

Have a great morning it is Wed afternoon here 6.15 pm and hot but cooling down.


I remember when I had my first website in 2004 for my off-line business. I didn't even know what a domain was, hosting, URL, the list goes on! But the good thing is that we can learn! And it's amazing how quickly we can learn when we are given the right training!

When I first started out, I was just scanning the Internet for information; much of it was false and exaggerated! What a difference it makes when we are taught the right way; we can learn things that we never thought we would understand.

Taking action leaves a good feeling!

We could do with some of your sun over here in the UK!


Very true Roy and will send some Sun your way. But not all we have had some strong thunder and rain over the last few weeks so good to see the Sun not only come out but stay longer.

As for starting when I first came here I did not even know what a blog was and agree with you when you get the right training teaching you the right way life becomes easier rather than following those fakers online.

Glad to be here and yes it will be 10 years for me in Feb 24


You know Andre...i'm following this thread and the following thought occurred to me. I started a YouTube channel and the first time I watched the recording I was horrified. I'm not nearly as photogenic as I thought I would be. The years haven't been all that kind... but, after that, another thought occurred to me. We're all in the same boat aren't we? I have always been my worst enemy but I have taken heart by following this thread. I'm just going to go ahead and press play! There must be others who will resonate with the message I have at this age and, hopefully, will be drawn to the substance of my content rather than the superficiality of the image I project. I appreciate you sharing this insight!


Thank you Grant, yes many have had that moment where the years haven't been great myself included. Anyone states otherwise are just lying to themselves and hopefully others will take more control within themselves first than just being superficial and improve their lives for the better.

Time for me to head off to la la land and enjoy the positivity people like have given me today, so thank you and good night from me.


The days are very short and dull here in the UK, in December, Andre! Thankfully, after Christmas, we start to notice the days getting longer and signs of spring, despite it still being winter!

That's interesting, Andre; it's so good to be on a platform that gives true and honest teaching. I spent a lot of money in the early days as I was so eager to learn, but didn't know what to do. I definitely learned the hard way!

However, even without the training, it's wonderful to be around like-minded people and to be able to communicate like we do.

Congratulations on your almost 10 years at Wealthy Affiliate!


Hello Grant,

I do understand where you are coming from, I have never particularly liked my photograph taken. But I believe over time that it becomes easier and we forget about what we look like.

I have a few YouTube channels. I'm often sharing my screen, so I just have a smaller picture of myself in the corner of the screen. I must admit I am getting more used to being in front of the camera!

I know that's not always possible to just show your face in the corner. Did you know that there are some highly successful faceless YouTube channels? Although, personally, I think we are better off showing our face.

A successful YouTuber and teacher that I follow always says, "Just press record", it sounds like you are just doing that, which is fantastic!

I think the main thing is that we give people valuable information rather than thinking about what we look like. When I search for something on YouTube, especially a how-to video, I just want my answer; it doesn't matter what the person looks like.

Have a great day.


Thanks Roy and you are welcome. Yes the last couple of days and been quite warm actually today was fine much better than yesterday.
However, we have been getting some reports that a big heatwave is starting to hit the eastern coast well at least half of Australia so now is the time when the heat starts to slowly escalate not always for the best.

Yep, Feb will be10 years so happy with that.

Always great to communicate with so many wonderful members like yourself and others here one of the best benefits we ever will have.

Enjoy your day stay warm and take care.


Good morning Andre,

Let's hope that the big heat waves don't reach you! I don't know what it's like in Australia; here in the UK, the weathermen and the mainstream media get extremely excited about snow and heatwaves! The truth is that it doesn't often happen, although in Scotland and further north, they do have more snow!

Congratulations on your 10 years in February, well done.

Thank you, Andre, yes, likewise! There are some wonderful people in the community, it's like a breath of fresh air!

All the best.


Thanks Roy appreciated but for the heatwave no escaping it now.

The outback towns already have been having around 45 C temps and it heading here already as we are getting the high 30's at the moment and on Sat expecting around 43-45C so air cond will be on from the morning to evening as it gets quite hot upstairs during the afternoon.
Most of the week ahead is expecting the mid-30C
Then later then are expecting storms as well the worst part is the storms are not cooling anything down as it gives us the humidity which at times makes it feel worse than just the temp.
Oh well that's part of life nowdays
Looking forward to Sat (not) ha

That's hot, Andre!

I remember coming back from Greece in the summer of 2022, the temperatures reached 39° C in the UK, it was warmer than in Greece! 45° C is exceptionally hot! I can understand why you have the air conditioning on!

Let's hope it does not last too long.

Take care.


Yep today was 37 it has cooled down to 34 at the moment on only 5.30 pm tomorrow is expected to get to at least 43 so air con will be on from morning to night tomorrow.

Most of Australia is in the middle of a large heatwave which no doubt later will end up with storms and strong humidity which makes it worse.

I must admit we haven't heard anything on the mainstream media about the Australian heatwaves, but I expect we will soon!

I hope that you're able to stay cool, Andre, at least you have air conditioning!

Take care.


Thanks Roy yes Air con has been on since 9am this morning it is now 6 pm.

At 10am it was 29C and within 4 hours at 2 pm it got to 43C which is a 14 C increase within 4 hours then I looked at the temp now and within 4 hours from 2-6pm is went down from 43 C to 37 C so only a 6 C drop.

Still how due to the dry heat with no breeze. While in Qld Nth of Australia they are getting a Cyclone which is about to the the Qld coast.

apparently, in Sth Aust one of the town got to 54C now they are having heavy rains. Around 35,000 people lost electricity during the heat wave hopefully all is restored now for them.

Fun times (not)

I'm really sorry to hear this, Andre! I can't really imagine 43° C and certainly not 54° C!

It's not fun when you lose your electricity, we don't realise how much we rely on electric for everything.

Please take care, I hope it cools down soon.


Thanks Roy and yes today is totally different, overcast all day and around the high 20's completely different day which is a great relief as the air con certainly got a workout over the last couple of days. Not going to help the electricity bill either but that's part and parcel if you want to stay cool.

I'm very pleased to hear that, Andre, that's good news! Not many people have air-conditioning here in the UK as there are not many days of the year when we need it, in normal terms. I believe I have been told that air-conditioning running costs are a similar cost to heating your house in the winter.

I do hope the weather stays cooler for you.

Have a great day.


Yea thanks Roy yep here in Australia Air Conds are a much especially during our summer and many houses here also use solar panels to help reduce cost as well which is bonus.

It was 31 today plus had some light winds to help keep the dry heat away which was good.

Its down to around 27 now and air is still but comfortable.

Enjoy your day and will catch up with you later

Take care


I'm sure that solar panels would work fairly well in Australia. They use solar panels quite a bit in Greece; we have them here, but I'm not sure how effective and economical they really are, due to the lack of sunlight. I do believe that the technology is improving all the time, which is great.

That's great to hear that the temperatures are more bearable, Andre! I don't particularly look forward to a hot day in England if I'm working outside. It's different when I'm in Greece, as I'm normally relaxing, so it doesn't really matter.

Thank you, Andre, I will catch you soon.


Thanks Roy and yes use of solar panels are great but also no needs to have them in the right spot to get the max benefit of the Sun it can certainly save a bit on the hip pocket compared to the old days when they didn't have them.

Certainly can understand the temps when working compared to having fun and relaxing enjoy the rest of your day and have a great week ahead both of you.


Like everything, Andre, there's more than meets the eye to getting these solar panels right, I guess. I'm sure they are great then they are in the right place and you have plenty of sun.

Have a great week.


Thanks Roy yes that are great but they also place a limit on how much can be used along side electricity. In the end Electricity companies end up making money to their favor.

Enjoy your week as well


Thank you for your reply, Andre.

This is the problem. I'm all for people making money, but it has to be carried out in a fair way. I don't think our electricity companies are doing this, unfortunately.

All the best.


Yep unfortunately this is the large corporations work with an extra hand. With government

Thank you for sharing this information. I struggled with
some of this information going back to early child hood
if you dig deep enough. You will find things told to you
by your parents, school instructors and sometimes bullies or
naysayers. Negative forces that seek to make you feel less
than what you can become. Please read my personal profile,
I share the same story.

Awesome Posting !


You are welcome Tony and yes many of such issues stem from those early days.
It may not be the fault of the parent as they may have had the same teaching and so on and so on.
No one is to blame, that is why we just need to acknowledge it and fix it so we do face the issue again.
This is by taking positive action and moving forward is the way to go.

You are right about that .

Thanks Again Andre !


Thank you Tony and you are always welcome.

enjoy the new changes here at WA as well and keep moving forward.

have a great day too


Thanks !



Great Ideas! Changing beliefs in the conscious mind is hard enough. My subconscious mind seems to control 95% of my beliefs, so that's what I am working on now and hope the conscious mind integrates the new behavior.

You are welcome Roger it may not always be easy depending on what the issue and situation are but we need to take some positive action to create a new road that takes us to the desired location with ease and joy.

We acknowledge the past but move forward by working in the now (the present) as our future is not a guarantee it can change anytime depending on the action we take now.

Wishing you a wonderful and postive week ahead and know that you will overcome the issues you are working on.

Just don't let it get you upset or angry that is what the subconscious loves to feel.
Just do so without emotion I know it can be easier said than done but it does work and the more you do the stronger you get in overcoming the limiting beliefs you are facing.


Thanks Andre. Motivating to read this post :)

You are welcome and thank you for your time here.

Continue to enjoy all you do and keep moving forward.


Thanks Andre.

Always welcome Michelle have a great week ahead.


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