Should I Quit Affiliate Marketing Before I Really Start?

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No, you should not quit affiliate marketing before you really start it.

Especially when you have access to comprehensive training, tools, and resources like those provided by the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Here's why:

Affiliate Marketing is Learnable

While affiliate marketing may seem intimidating at first with its technical jargon and procedures, it is a skill that can be learned with the right guidance and dedication.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you are given step-by-step training that breaks down the process into manageable chunks, making it easier for beginners to understand and implement.

The new and advanced Hubs have all the training needed from niche selection and website building to content creation.

When you are ready to upgrade to either a premium or premium plus membership you have a plethora of additional training in many fields.

This could be search engine optimization (SEO), and monetization strategies, PPC training for those who want and prepared to spend a bit to make a lot more.

Premium plus members receive even advanced training from many of the super affiliates for that added boost to success online.

By following the training within the Hubs platform, you can gradually build your knowledge and skills, even if you're not tech-savvy initially.

Supportive Community

One of the biggest advantages of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is its active and supportive community.

As a member, you'll have access to a vast network of experienced affiliate marketers, including successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

The community here is definitely a valuable resource to have and be part of.

You can ask questions whenever you wish or need.

For starter members you can ask questions at the end of each lesson while you are learning or to the community as a whole.

The members here offer their knowledge and skillset, as they have already been in your shoes.

For the upgraded members you can also ask questions in live chat, or connect with like-minded individuals, share your struggles, and receive guidance from those who have overcome similar challenges.

This support system can be invaluable, especially when you feel overwhelmed or encounter roadblocks along the way.

Comprehensive Resources

As I mentioned, you have a wealth of resources available to you, depending on your membership.

These tools can help streamline your workflow and help you stay organized as you build and grow your affiliate marketing business.

Plus, you have ongoing new training materials with new updates to keep you informed about the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the industry.

This way, your knowledge remains relevant and up-to-date,

Flexibility and Potential

One of the most appealing aspects of affiliate marketing is the flexibility it offers.

With the right approach and dedication, you can build a successful online business that allows you to work from anywhere and achieve financial freedom.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you these opportunities with no additional upsells that many other places have most of which are hidden.

As you follow each lesson in the order given, complete each task, and ask questions where you need.

You have a great opportunity to gain so many amazing skills and knowledge in order to make your dream into a reality.

Sure, the journey may not be easy at times, and success is not guaranteed, the potential rewards of affiliate marketing make it worth persevering.

By sticking with the training, utilizing the resources, and leveraging the community support, you increase your chances of overcoming the initial hurdles and achieving long-term success.


Quitting affiliate marketing before you truly begin would be a missed opportunity, especially when you have access to a comprehensive platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

The learning curve may be steep at time but the opportunities are endless.

Every expert was one a beginner they all went through a learning curve,

You can too.

Use the opportunities you are given with the available resources, and stay committed to your goals.

So be dedicated in all you, do push through with perseverance and know that each hurdle you may come across that there is always an answer or solution you can overcome.

When you stick to your guns, you will be surprised how much of that so-called techy skills you will learn and even able to share with others down the track.

Why? Because you learned it here in Wealthy Affiliate and you are one of the amazing community members we love to be with.

So why would you want to quit before you even start learning?

You are better than that

As Always

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Thank you for sharing this, Andre. There have been times when these thoughts have run through my head. When I don't make progress it is easy to think it would be easier to just quit. And that is accurate—it would be easier. But it would not be the path I choose. It would be a mistake for me to quit. Like you, I believe it would be a mistake to quit before fully starting. There is so much knowledge here and so many people willing to lend a hand! If someone opts to quit that's on them and it's too bad because they could be throwing away a great opportunity!


Exactly Karin it can be so easy to throw in the towel
But as you said you would be throwing a great opportunity
Hope you are having a great day

Andre, you pretty much summed it up perfectly

Thanks Mark there is always more to add but that would make it too much here. the basic are covered


Enjoy your day I am about to head off to rest


I'm just so happy to be connected with everyone here including you, Andre! 😁

Have a great week ahead!

Myra ♥️

Thank you Myra always great to hear and connect with you too
We are fortunate to have so many wonderful members her
Have a great day
Andre 😎👍🙏☺️

#1 reason I am still here is the Community. :-)


Thanks Mel that could easily be the main reason for many here. The community and the amount of help and support we get.

You are are great help as well and glad I am part of your network as well.


Thanks Andre!


Most welcome Mel enjoy the rest of your day and have a super productive week ahead.

Andre :)

This is a great read apache1.
I’d be lying if quitting was not in my thoughts a couple times since only being with the WA program for one month. The quitting seems to be the easy way out when things get hard, However, if you have a strong enough “Why,” we can break the pattern and use it as fuel to continue the journey. This is the reason I’m still here learning and growing, but the help from this community has been another big reason for my belief that I can make goals a reality and that I will become the next superstar.

Thanks Rick and yes totally understand especially when one is here for only a month or so and not seeing or expecting the results they thought would come through.

But we both know there is a learning curve that is needed along with work and effort and much more to deal with than just having a link and expecting money to come flooding in.

The community here has I believe kept many here that would have given up without that added support and encouragement along the way.
One of the important parts as you said is the Why and with setting goals we need to be realistic at first not just dream then as we push though with reaching our goals we adjust and push through again.

Much like a business with sales reps would have a monthly budget to reach and when they reach that target and budget it gets more higher and the aim is to be even better along the way.

So enjoy your day and you know we are all here for each other to help and support where we can.

Take care and have a fantastic week ahead.


Some to you and thanks for your leadership and support.

Thank you Rick for your kind words but I am no leader I think of myself as a fellow team member there to help and support his teammates along the way.

We are all in this together regardless of the niche and what our websites are about.


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