Australia’s Top Rugby League Teams to Battle it out in Las Vegas

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Perhaps they are not the Super Affiliates we have here in WA going to Las Vegas.

But these teams are the Super Teams and players that have qualified to go to Las Vegas and help introduce the sports that many US Fans will love to see and watch.

Although in the past they have played a few exhibition games to promote the game this year it is different.

For the first time, they are starting the official 2024 Rugby League season in Los Vegas where four teams have qualified to go there.

The doubleheader will be held at the Allegiant Stadium on Saturday, March 2nd,, 2024.

This is an exciting time not only for the fans here in Oz but also for those who love a good game and want to experience the way we play and see how tough and hard it can be.

The teams are as below.

The rest of the teams will continue the new season back home.

My Team is Going to Vegas.

Yes I am happy to say that my favourite teams since I have been 6 years old are going. That is 60 years of love and support for my team and also proud of them win or lose.

None other than the South Sydney Rabbitohs also known as the Bunnys.

But don’t take the bunny's name for something cute and cuddly, these guys are tough.

Judging from what I have seen on YouTube there are many videos from the US, either players or fans of sports, and are always amazed at how our Australian players handle the game.

Mostly I have seen many are shocked with the fact there are no pads, no helmets and the teams play both attack and defense unlike in Grid Iron.

Rugby League can be a tough and tiring game.

There are none of these stops and starts on every more or changes in teams depending on the play.

This is an exciting time not only for the fans here in Oz but also for those who love a good fast pace and want to experience the way we play and see how tough and hard it can be.

These guys are the best of the best and battle it out for 40 minutes each half of constant play.

With around 10 mins break during halftime. A total of 90 mins but that is never the case.

With penalties, stoppages, and injuries that may need medical attention can increase the time for the players and the game giving their fans more time to absorb the action.

Most Premiumship wins.

Since 1908 Australian Rugby League (ARL) as it was known then has become one of the most popular and well-known games we have here in Australia.

Later in 1998 the super league and ARL merged to become the National Rugby League (NRL) as it is known today.

Guess who holds the most premierships wins?

None other than my favorite and beloved team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Here are the years of wins my team has so far and more to come.

Here are the years of wins they have

1908,1909,1914,1918,1925,1926,1927,1928,1929,1931,1932,1950,1951,1953,1954,1955,1967,1968,1978,1971and 2014

That is a total of 21 premiership wins not back for a Rabbit or Bunny.

I am so excited and also proud that my team will be there. Not only the game itself but to be one of the few teams opening up the season in Las Vegas for such a big occasion.

Fan Based Club

South Sydney Rugby League club is one of the few clubs that has a fan base ownership.

The fans own 25% share while the other 75% is owned by three famous people.

Although it is 25% they have been given a huge say within.

The other three share holders are Tech Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, James Packer, and everyone would know this guy who happens to be one of South Sydney’s major fans, Russell Crowe the actor.

In fact, he has created an explanation on YouTube for the US fans to absorb and understand some of the rules and how the game is played.

If you have never experienced one of our main games in Oz this clip will have it all for you.

If you wish here is the link on YouTube so you can also understand the game and even see some highlights of play in action.

You will recognize Russell Crow’s voice explaining the details.

Certainly, a clip you won’t want to miss if you are a sports fan.

Many of them may be mates off the field, some have even played alongside each other before changing clubs.

However, on-field there is no mateship and they have one thing on their mind and that is to win regardless of who is on the other side.

You will see there is no pussyfooting with the game these guys are tough.

How Do Sports relate to us here?

Outside of having sport as your niche the action you take is the same just a different pathway to get there.

The end game is to win for you as an affiliate is a constant game you play and the more you put in the more you will gain.

This is the way you should be thinking when working on your site.

A Win-Win Combination

That is to win the loyalty of your readers and engage with your audience with helpful content that is for your future readers (fans) so they will come back to your site and what to read more.

Give them what they want to see. Although in sports the fans may want to pay to see the action.

On your website your fans will pay for products or services you offer them giving you the commission.

But just like various sports, there are rules to abide by,

Doing the right thing and taking action along with thinking outside the box to overcome the challenge and outsmart your opponents (in this case your competitors online) is also vital.

It may be tough on the field but it can also be tough behind the computer as well sometimes more so with the mind than a physical action.

Unless you break a nail typing or strain your wrist LOL


This is perhaps one of Australia's most exciting moves in sport that has been unleashed on US soil and it all starts in none other than Las Vegas.

With Affiliate Marketing you continue to go forward and the aim will always be to Win and do the best you can on the day.

Plus attract a large fan base for your website and continue to entertain and provide your readers with what they came to see and seek online.

Your helpful content for them.

Regardless of whether it is sports, websites or other areas out there.

You are nothing without your fans or readers.

They are the ones that will keep you going forward and as a result, you will keep on entertaining them as well by giving them what they came to see or read in your case.

A Definite Win-Win Situation

As usual

Oh! The Bunnys to win their first game on US Soil for 2024

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Recent Comments


I'm not very familiar with Rugby, so I watched the video and it's pretty interesting! Thanks for the share!

You are welcome also not there is a difference with the term Rugby as we have Rugby Union and also Rugby League and the plays are different similar but many rules are different
This is Rugby League

Oh ok! Thanks! I'm totally clueless in this area, as you can tell! HaHa!
Jena 😊

That is OK Jena many not familiar with this code won't know the difference but both codes are played in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Britain, Sth Africa, France and many other countries they do have a small group in the US as well but know that well-known.

Wishing your team the best in Vegas!

Thank you Jena I wish them the best to
Have a great day and week ahead

Thank you and hope your day and week is Awesome!

Thanks Jena and the same to you 😁

I do love a bit of Aussie rules (football) Andre!

Hopefully your team returns triumphant my friend! :-)

Thank Nick yes Aussie Rules is another fantastic Aussie game.
Can be physical along with the jumps many do over the other players. Not as physical as league but can be at times with some clashes.

From what I have seen, Aussie Rules always looked more physical than League Andre!

Well, I've never played either, just Union when forced to back at school!

Enjoy the rest of your week buddy!


Hi Nick yes Aussie Rules can be perhaps more physical in certain areas mostly with trying to catch the ball in the air and face being bombarded by the opposition trying to get you to fumble the ball.

That is where most of the physical action is. But all three codes Aussie Rules, Rugby Union, and Rugby League are all quite physical and need a lot of stamina in their own right.

During my school days both in public and high school I played all three but always preferred League which I played the most, particularly during my high school days mostly as a winger as I had the speed.

Regardless the game is constant and there is a real need to be fit and physical throughout the game.
Although the break is only 10 mins which doesn't seem much they are really needed

Enjoy your day and week ahead.

Andre :)

Makes perfect sense Andre!

I was either fly half or fullback for my kicking skills as I always preferred to play football!

No doubt one needs to be super fit to play though!

Much appreciated my friend! :-)

Wow Andre, I have no words! There is definitely fast action going on in the video which sounds exciting. Something tells me that they will do well in Vegas.

Myra 💜

Thanks Myra yes the game can be fast and always on the go. No rest for the wicked so to speak

True dat, Andre!

Myra 💜

It is a game that has to be seen to appreciated it's true worth

That video was something, Andre! That is a fast action, no holds barred game! This is an exciting development!


Thanks Jeff it was a good sample but there is much more action during the whole game and occasionally a punch or two when the whole team comes in

That simply looks brutal, Andre, but still, they are GREAT athletes!


Trust me Jeff they are fit and strong and fast well most of them the forward may be slower but that is the aim to break down the defense to allow the outside players to swoop in.

Pretty awesome stuff, Andre!


Thanks Jeff it certainly is
Andre 😄😎


Enjoy the rest of your day Jeff

Andre 😎😀

You too, Andre! Enjoy yours too, and the new week, as well!


I will 😊

Awesome, Andre!


Not all the best teams will be there... the mighty Canberra Raiders are staying at home

True so are the Panthers and Melb Storm but the Rabbitohs are there Lol


Haha... either way, I have toured Elegiant Stadium... that place is epic

I have heard and they certainly picked the right stadium to promote the game.
As Tina would say Simply the Best

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