Are You Giving All You Have as an Affiliate Marketer?

Last Update: April 26, 2020

Do you love what you do and do what you love. Am I giving all I have to be successful online as an Affiliate Marketer?

If the answer is No, ask yourself (or better still), write it down on paper,on where you feel you need to improve to reach those goals you set here when you first started.

If, for some reason, you answered yes, congrats and then think again and ask what can I do to go further forward in life with my online business and maintain that lifestyle I always dreamed about.

Don't settle for second best but be the best not for other people's sake but to be better than you were yesterday for yourself.

You still have much more to offer to those visiting your website.

The reason I mentioned to write it down on paper rather

than on the computer is when you are physically writing down these ideas you are more involved on a deeper level within yourself than just typing using the keyboard.


Yes, in life, there will always be issues we face.

Just take the current situation with the Covid-19 virus that has and still is affecting many across the world right now.

As a result, various restrictions have been imposed by countries around the world for the benefit of your safety and that of others.

Travel bans, some countries have now order facemasks compulsory to wear when outside.

Fines are enforced, for other factors, which I mention in an earlier post here


However, you are not restricted to create an online business working from home.

You are not restricted to become successful as an affiliate marketer.

Perhaps you have issues at home, relationships, doubting yourself in what you do compare to what you wish to do.

Many of you have to face the issue with family and friends when you tell them you are going to do Affiliate Marketing and be able to work from home online and make money.

There are many times you may be ridiculed by others (family, friends etc.) who cannot see past their own ego and their personal views in life.

Perhaps they tried themselves and failed and because of that you are most likely to fail just because it happened to them.

Again note you are not them you are you that's the difference.

Don't worry about what other's think of you and what you want to achieve as that is their problem in life to deal with.

Instead, focus on what you think of yourself for your sake and believe that you can and will succeed.

Remember whatever issues we face these are all challenges to overcome.

Regardless of how serious some maybe if we don't address these

issues we begin to doubt ourselves in many ways including working online in Affiliate Marketing

There is only one thing from stopping you in going forward in life, and that is you and only you.

Your role in life is to do what is needed to go forward not backward, so don't let doubt get the better of you.

Ultimately this is YOUR Journey in life, YOUR Pathway to success.

Unless you want to fail then go ahead and fail

The Storyteller

You are the Storyteller to your success in life and online.

Remember as the Storyteller; you create what is going to happen to bring about that success online.

Become the character in the story that goes from rags to riches and along the way you become the traveler who helps others everywhere you go (your posts)

Along your travels, you may need to stop and rest a bit but only to recharge yourself for the continued Journey to new destinations where you will help more along the way (Your website and the many posts you create along the way for the benefit of your readers)

You are not in a race, so don't rush, but go your own pace, make the most of what you have before you to make it worth your time to become better along your Journey in life.

Apply your talents and skills in what you do.

Create that solid foundation to your website that will tell a compelling story, which your visitors will see as real, and want to be part of what you have created (your unique content for the benefit of your readers)

Be that character in your storytelling with one difference; make sure that it does not stay a story, but like Pinocchio, it becomes real because you want it so much it will happen.

You have seen many along the way here stating they want to earn thousands a month in their goals yet when it comes to putting in the effort and doing the work needed to reach their goals become another issue.

Their answer to themselves;

This is too much work, I didn't expect that I would have to put in so much work in creating content and

thought placing links for a product would make me rich as quickly as possible.

So what do they do?

They quit, and some even blame the system even though they are given all the necessary training, added resources along with the support of their fellow community who are very willing to help.

These are not just starter members I am talking about but some who may have been here a bit longer according to their profile yet some haven't even completed their first training course.

Their self-doubt and negative thoughts begin to seep in and they fail if only they keep digging a bit more.

Now is your time to move forward by believing in yourself after that is what matters most the belief in yourself?

Take some time to look into the mirror, accept, love, and nourish the person you see in the mirror.

When you look into the mirror, your physical mind will give you challengers, as it wants you to fail and give that self-doubt.

Don't give in to the human mind of thinking of self-doubt but look into the mirror and see your true self.

That is the loving, awesome and talented soul that you are.

You are here to learn, achieve, and help along the way.

Take the Opportunity Here in Wealthy Affiliate.

Learn and go through the training, even go back to some as there is always something new that has been added or updated.

Listen to Jay's webinars if you can't, or it's too late in the morning or evening for you to see it live and go back to the replay the following day.

Look at blogs of other members for inspiration along with their pieces of training, they give of themselves for you.

There is so much you can achieve online not just from the training and resources you already have but with your ethics you can and will become the success you aim for,

So don't just give in even if you find you are not doing as well as your thought when you started.

Keep going forward, believe in yourself and in all you do.

Andre (Apache1)

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Amoura64 Premium
Thanks Andre, Great message and reminders to self , I dont want to give up on WA , finding the time in the juggle of life is hard, but when I am here doing the training and reading some great posts i feel good. Hopefully at some point, i will make some money but I am getting satisfaction from my learning experiences at moment - . Thanks for your encouragement
apache1 Premium
Thank you Amera for those wonderful words everybody can relate to and apply
Yes enjoy all the training and as you apply what is taught you can only go forward

Wishing you much success, :))

JeffreyBrown Premium
We should never quit--we have all the tools available to us to succeed! All we have to do is use them and apply ourselves, Andre! So simple, right??

Thanks for sharing this my friend!

Stay Safe!

apache1 Premium
Many thanks to you Jeff your support and encouragement means a lot.
And yes use and apply

Take care and stay safe

JeffreyBrown Premium
Thank you, Adnre! I will do my best, my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium
oops, Andre!
apache1 Premium
No probs Geoff
apache1 Premium
Oops Jeff ha
JeffreyBrown Premium
I know--the different spellings! 😎👍
ChigsGohel Premium
Great post thank you for sharing Andre
apache1 Premium
You are welcome Chigs glad to share and if it's useful to someone that is all that matters.

Enjoy the rest of your week and onwards to greater success ahead.

JeanR Premium
Great Article Andre, Thank you.

apache1 Premium
Thank you Jean always great to hear from a great friend.

Take care please stay safe.

Pedrone Premium
What a magnific post! thank you,
excellent for magnifying the focus of the Why we are here for?
focus on ourselves and the dream to become reality!

believing it's the way to create

have a good day
apache1 Premium
You are most welcome Pietro wishing you well along your journey both here in WA and online in all you do


Pedrone Premium
Thank you!
apache1 Premium